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There are many video player software on the market, but few are really easy to use.A powerful video player can not only meet your needs for watching various videos, but also bring you the ultimate viewing experience.Here is a very good video player software for you Amway – stellar player

The main function:

  1. Full format decoding
  2. Supports playback of ultra-high-definition videos
  3. Support one-click to open frame insertion animation, HDR animation
  4. Support online viewing of live broadcast and multi-terminal screen projection
  5. Support BT magnetic chain to play side-by-side and barrage interaction
  6. Support custom installation plugins

Stellar Player is a local video player on PC, which is used by 200W+ users in the whole network.Supports playback of local video files, network video sources, Blu-ray DVD mirroring.Stellar Player realizes smooth high-definition video playback through optimization, and can support frame insertion, HDR, audio pass-through, mobile phone (TV) screen projection, etc., third-party plug-ins, etc., it can be called the strongest domestic player!

software support openLocal files, folders, URLs, videos on discs, support settingPlay without black frame, the default use of hardware decoding + frame insertion to improve the quality of the picture, the experience is super first-class.


When playing a local file, you can also right-click to search for subtitles online. If it is a movie/TV video, you can almost search for the corresponding subtitles. You do not need to download subtitles separately and then import them.

In addition to playing local + network videos, Stellar Player can also install "Plugin" to extend the functions of the software, which is very similar to the Chrome browser, click "Plugin management” to view all plugins + search and install plugins online.

For example, install "third party live"With this plug-in, we can watch the live broadcast directly in the browser through the stellar player + live broadcast URL, which is supported by almost all mainstream live broadcast websites, such as:Douyu, Huya, TaobaoWait.No need to install live broadcast software + endure browser lag anymore.

The installation of the plug-in is also very simple. You can find the url of the plug-in and install it directly. In addition, the official website also organizes the addresses + introduction of many open-source plug-ins, covering:Resource search, live TV, subtitles, video resource stationand many more.

For example, after installing the "Watch TV" plug-in here, we can use the Stellar browser to watch TV online, which is super convenient.

Of course, there are more surprise experiences in the use of the software. Due to space reasons, I can't explain them one by one. The most important thing is that this is a software that is constantly being updated, and the update frequency is extremely high. I hope it will be useful to you~

The latest official version of Stellar Player:Click to download


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