No sound when streaming on Discord?Here is the workaround

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Whether you're a creator streaming for your followers or a player sharing your screen with your peers,DiscordA great way to share content with like-minded people.


However, it is not a perfect system.Sometimes, you're sharing your screen, but no audio is coming.So how do you fix the problem when your followers can't hear your game audio?Take a look at some of the potential solutions below.

1. Run as administrator Discord


Windows security settings sometimes restrict an application's access for security reasons.However, this may cause the application to misbehave.

Since Discord is a trusted application, you can always run it as an administrator to ensure it can access your audio sources.Follow these simple instructions to change this setting:

1. Right-click the Discord icon on the Start menu and select Open file location.

2. A file explorer window will open showing a shortcut to Discord.Again, right-click the shortcut, select Open file location.

3. In a new file explorer window, open the app-[latest version number] folder and right-click the Discord.exe file.After that, click Properties.

4. In the Discord.exe Properties window, click the Compatibility tab.Under Settings, tick the option to run this program as an administrator.

5. Click OK.

Now, restart Discord and try streaming the game again to see if the audio from Discord streaming comes back up.If not, try our next solution.

2. Check if other games or apps are streaming their sound


Sometimes, the way an app is programmed is why your audience can't hear your Discord stream.For example, some browsers use a different program to display content and another program to play sound.Since Discord pulls audio from the process that displays the content, it doesn't capture sound from a different process.

To check this, try concatenating a different game.If Discord can capture sound from another title you just opened, that's most likely the problem.If this is the case, you can use the Voicemeeter virtual sound mixer to combine your microphone input and game sound into one virtual stream.


First, download and install the Voicemeeter app.After the installation is complete, you should restart your computer and then start Voicemeeter.Your computer audio will automatically be captured under the virtual input.However, in order to properly mix your microphone and computer audio, you need to follow these steps:

1. In the main window, select the down arrow under 1 Hardware Input, then select your microphone as its input source.


2. With the microphone input selected, click the down arrow under A1 Hardware Out to select where you want to hear the game.This could be your headphones or speakers.


3. Once you have your microphone set up as a hardware input and an output for mixing audio, you may hear your own voice on the output of your choice.To avoid this feedback, press the >A icon under 1 Hardware Input to highlight Off.This will stop Voicemeeter from routing your microphone to your speakers.If you do this successfully, you should see the A main output volume bar under the hardware output stay steady as you speak.

4. After you finish setting up Voicemeeter, go back to Discord and open Settings > Voice & Video.

5. Under Voice Settings > Input Device, select VoiceMeeter Output (VB-Audio Vo).Then, to avoid getting feedback from Discord, under Output Devices, select the speakers your game sounds are being sent to.


Download: Voicemeeter for Windows (free)

3. Manually add your game on Discord

While Discord should automatically detect if you're gaming, it can sometimes have detection issues when you're streaming.So if you don't see your status update to the title you're playing, you may have to manually set it up.Here's what you need to do:

1. Click the settings icon next to your Discord name.

2. Scroll down to Event Settings and click Register Game.

3. If the game is not detected, click Add it!

4. Select the app you want to stream from the drop-down menu that appears below, then click Add Game.

That's it, now, ask your audience to see if they can hear your stream.

4. Reset Discord Voice Settings


You may have inadvertently changed a setting that caused an error in the streaming service.You should reset the Discord audio system first to see if that fixes the problem.Follow these simple steps:

1. Click Discord Settings.

2. Go to Voice & Video.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings menu.

4. Click Reset Voice Settings.

If you've messed with input and output devices in voice chat before, such as adding the Discord voice changer module, this should fix it and reset everything to system defaults.

5. Change Discord Voice Settings


If resetting the voice settings doesn't fix the problem, you can try disabling some of its features, like voice detection, instead.This is because Discord will only record and stream your audio when it detects voice activity to avoid unwanted noise in the voice channel.

However, this detection system sometimes conflicts with streaming audio.If this is the case, you should switch to push-to-call mode instead.Additionally, the app uses several settings to help improve voice quality, which can also sometimes cause problems with your streaming audio.

Some of these extra features can be turned off by following these steps:

1. Click the gear icon next to your username to enter the Discord settings menu.

2. Tap Voice & Video.

3. In Input Mode, select Push to talk.

4. Scroll down to Video Codec.

5. Disable the OpenH264 video codec provided by Cisco Systems, Inc.

6. Scroll down to Speech Processing.

7. Disable Advanced Voice Activity and Automatic Gain Control.

8. Scroll down to Quality of Service.

9. Disable "Enable High Quality of Service Packet Priority".

10. Scroll down to Screen Sharing.

11. Disable the use of experimental methods to capture audio from applications.

You have successfully turned off all unnecessary features.Note that if you want to be heard while streaming, you must bind a key and press it to use push-to-talk.

6. Set your game to windowed mode


In the past, Discord has sometimes had issues when streaming games in full screen mode.So, in order to solve this problem, you need to set your game as a fullscreen window or a borderless window.While these different windowed modes have different effects on the game, fullscreen mode can sometimes de-prioritize Discord in your PC process, causing it to bug.

Converting a game from fullscreen to windowed mode may vary from game to game, but you'll generally find this option in the video or graphics settings.

7. Check your audio driver


Sometimes, an outdated audio driver can cause problems with your computer system.That's why you should always get the latest version of a driver.Here's how you can do it:

1. Right-click the Start menu icon and select Device Manager.

2. In the Device Manager window, go to Sound, Video, and Game Controllers.

3. Expand the folder and look for your computer's primary sound driver.

4. Right-click your primary audio device and click Update Driver.

5. In the new window that pops up, click Search for drivers automatically.

6. In the next window, click Search Windows Update for updated drivers.

7. The Windows Update window will appear.If it finds a new update, click Download and Install.

Now, all you need to do is restart your computer after the process is complete for the changes to take effect, and then re-run Discord.

8. Reinstall Discord

If none of the above steps work, your last resort is to uninstall and reinstall Discord.A fresh install should repair and reset all settings so you can play sounds.

Stream on Discord with your audio

Discord is a great way to build a community and talk to others with similar interests.While it may have occasional bugs, the app is a powerful platform that allows you to have a well-managed forum.

So if you want to share your screen with other community members, Discord's stream is a great way to do it.Just double check that you have audio so your followers can hear what's happening on the screen.If your audience can't hear you, one of these fixes should save you.

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