How to Fix Facebook Notifications Not Loading

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Over time,Facebookhas become a highly interactive application that keeps its users entertained.People like to check theirFacebookNotifications to keep up to date with the latest information.

So it can be frustrating if you can't get Facebook notifications, or if they no longer appear on your notification panel recently.This is a simple but solvable problem that you can solve in minutes.

This post is a detailed and step-by-step solution to fix Facebook notifications not loading issue.


1. Check your internet connection

The number one reason you might not receive Facebook alerts is a poor internet connection.Maybe you're out of range of the internet, or your router is broken.It is also possible that the service provider is experiencing some delays on their side.

Open settings on your smartphone and go to Wi-Fi.Choose a network you normally connect to.Once connected, a blue tick will appear next to the name.If the internet is not working, you can see that there is no network available.

You can also switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data to establish an internet connection.Make sure you have a valid data plan.Once your internet connection is stable, you will be able to receive Facebook notifications.

2. Disable Do Not Disturb and Airplane Mode



Your phone's notification settings may be one of the reasons why you don't receive reminders.Do not disturb mode or airplane mode may be enabled.

Disable both modes on your iOS or Android phone.For iPhone X and above, swipe down from the right end of the screen.For iPhone 8 Plus and lower, you need to swipe up from the bottom.Android users can swipe down on their screen to disable airplane mode.

3. Check Facebook Notification Permissions




Another reason is that you may not have been alerted by not granting the required permissions after logging into Facebook for the first time.For this:

1. Go to Settings and navigate to Facebook.

2. Check Notifications to see if they are closed.

3. Toggle the "Allow Notifications" tab to turn it back on.

4. Check the notification settings on Facebook

Your Facebook account also has a "Notifications" section, which may be the cause of the alerts not loading.Preference can be changed to solve this problem.

1. Open your Facebook app and select Menu from the bottom right of the screen.

2. Scroll down and open Settings.

3. Then go to Profile Settings.This section contains all your permissions and how to receive app alerts.

4. If the "Mute Push Notifications" tab is enabled, tap and disable it.You'll get a message that notifications are no longer muted.

As soon as you refresh, the Facebook app will load all pending notifications.

5. Clear Facebook's cache

Facebook's cache stores all types of files you visit while browsing.This is to reduce the loading time of the application.For example, if you open a picture and disconnect from the internet, the picture is still available to you because that particular file is stored in the cache.

Sometimes, when there are cache issues, the application can go horribly wrong.Clearing the stored files usually fixes the problem.

To clear your Facebook cache:




1. Open Settings and go to General.

2. Tap iPhone storage to check the current storage consumption.

3. Scroll down until you see Facebook and open it.

4. Select Uninstall application to clear unnecessary files.

5. Reinstall the application.

6. Update the Facebook app

Occasionally, older application versions may contain glitches and bugs that are fixed in newer versions.If you're using an older Facebook version, it may cause notifications to not load properly.

Go to your Play Store or App Store and search for Facebook.If the update is due, you'll see an update button.If not, the Facebook app is already up to date.

7. Update your smartphone



Phone updates aren't just battery drainers that take up your phone's storage space.There are many reasons why you need to update your iPhone or Android device.Many updates have benefits, from bug fixes to faster processing.

To update your smartphone, go to Settings, open General, tap Software Update.Your device will install any available updates and ask to restart.A fix in your phone's system can help with Facebook notifications not loading.

8. Reinstall Facebook

If nothing seems to work, try reinstalling the application.Delete Facebook from your phone.When you reinstall Facebook, Fresh Start will give you better performance and notifications will load faster.

9. Restart your smartphone

Since the memory is cleared, restarting the phone can significantly improve the performance of the device.

Once your phone restarts, wait for all apps to load normally before scrolling or swiping.Connect to the network you normally use.Once connected, open the Facebook app and refresh the notifications.

All Facebook notifications should appear on your phone.If this doesn't work, please contact the Facebook Help Center to find a fix.

Fix Your Facebook Notifications with Simple Steps

If you don't get Facebook reminders, it doesn't mean your social circle has abandoned you.In fact, there may be a problem with the device, the Internet, or the software.

We've laid out the most practical ways to fix issues related to notifications on the Facebook app.Make sure you have an active internet connection.Also, update your device and apps to the latest version.

By trying the methods listed above, you will start receiving notifications.If not, it's probably a glitch on the Facebook side.In this case, please contact the Facebook Help Center for further inquiries.

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