7 things you can do on the Galaxy Watch with your iPhone

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If you have an iPhone and want to buy a smartwatch, you might be inclined to buy the Apple Watch.While the Apple Watch integrates seamlessly with the iPhone, buying an Apple product always comes at a price.


So, what do you do if you're looking for an inexpensive smartwatch that offers good integration and functionality with the Apple ecosystem?Well, you can take a look at Samsung's smartwatches, which offer a good balance of price and compatibility.

Do all Samsung watches work with the iPhone?


In 2021, Samsung ditched its proprietary Tizen operating system in favor of Google's Wear OS, from SamsungGalaxy Watch All watches starting with 4 use the new operating system.While the new operating systems offer a fresh look, they do not offer compatibility with Apple devices.

So if you want a Samsung smartwatch that will work with your iPhone, you'll have to resort to older models running Tizen.Another thing to note is that if you're going to buy a watch running Tizen, it will get the update for three years from the release date.

Therefore, if you choose Galaxy Watch Active 2 and not Galaxy Watch 3, know that you can only get software updates from Samsung until 2022, since it was launched in 2019.

7 things you can do with a Galaxy Watch paired with an iPhone

While you can still find several Samsung smartwatches running the Tizen OS, we tried the Galaxy Watch Active 2 with the iPhone 12 mini for three months, and below we've listed everything we could do with it.You can see if these features are worth your time and the money you save by not buying an Apple Watch.

1. Get notifications at lightning speed


Most users buy smartwatches to stay on top of notifications that pop up on their wrist.When the Samsung Galaxy Watch is connected to your iPhone, you can instantly access all your notifications -- as long as it's running Tizen.

Also, if you want certain apps not to send notifications on the Galaxy Watch, you can stop them from taking your attention.To do this, all you need to do is tap the block notifications option on the watch.

While the Samsung Galaxy Watch lets users interact with notifications, it doesn't allow users to reply to notifications from the wearable.So if you want to quickly reply to notifications, you're going to have to get your phone out of your pocket.

2. Properly track your sleep


If you wear the Samsung Galaxy Watch on your wrist while you sleep, you can track your sleep.In addition, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 provides users with sleep stage data, allowing them to know when they are in deep, REM and light cycles during sleep.

The smartwatch also sends this data to your iPhone, which you can find in the Samsung Health app, allowing you to see how you're sleeping.So if tracking sleep is one of your top priorities, you won't regret saving money on the Apple Watch.

3. Keep exercising

If you like to keep tabs on your workouts, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 lets you track over 39 different workouts.Beyond that, the wearable can automatically detect movements like running, cycling, swimming, and walking, just like the Apple Watch.

Powered by GPS, the watch provides insights about your running route even if you don't have your phone in your pocket.Not only that, but the wearable sends all of your workout data to the Samsung Health app, allowing you to see how hard you're working out.

Plus, the watch offers an IP68 water and dust resistance rating, allowing you to wear the watch while swimming or taking a shower without worrying about water damage.

4. Monitor your heart rate


Galaxy Watches running Tizen allow Apple users to detect their heart rate and sync it with the Samsung Health app.The watch also lets you define how often heart rate data is collected, with options for continuous monitoring, manual data collection, and 10-minute heart rate monitoring.

Stress level monitoring is also available on the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which according to Samsung uses a heart rate sensor and a few other data points to calculate your stress level.

5. Talk to people on the go

Once paired with an iPhone, users can answer calls with a Galaxy Watch running Tizen.Unlike the Apple Watch, however, users need to connect to two different Bluetooth radios to enable calling.

One of the radios uses the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol to transmit information, while the other Bluetooth connection is used to transmit voice data.

6. Listen to music easily


You can use the onboard storage on the Galaxy Watch to store music and listen to it offline.For example, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 offers 4GB of onboard storage.

So if you're someone who likes to ditch your phone while running, you still have your favorite song on your wrist to get you through.Plus, you can connect headphones to the watch to enjoy music while you work out.

7. Customize your watch according to your wishes

Unlike traditional watches, smartwatches enable users to personalize the look of the watch by changing its face.The same goes for the Samsung Galaxy Watch, which lets you customize its watch face with minimal effort.

Not only that, but users can also download different watch faces from the Galaxy Store, which you can access from the Samsung Galaxy Watch app.

While the Galaxy Store offers many options for customizing watch faces for Samsung wearables, users can't download paid watch faces when visiting the store from an iPhone.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch worth buying?

Offering a super AMOLED display and lucrative sleep tracking and health features, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is powerful and affordable.

However, despite running Tizen, the watch loses some functionality when paired with an iPhone, as most manufacturers want to trap users in their own ecosystem.

Anyway, as long as you're happy with the features you get and the money you save, the Tizen-powered Galaxy Watch seems like a decent alternative to the Apple Watch.

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