How to Fix Black Screen on iPhone

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iPhone There are few buttons, which is great for maximizing screen size, but can cause problems when the screen goes black and won't turn on.An unresponsive touchscreen will turn your $900 smartphone into an expensive brick.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to fix iPhone Almost all "black screen of death" glitches on it.Depending on the problem, you might just need to leave your iPhone alone for a while, or plug it into your computer.

What to do if your iPhone is stuck on a black screen, and some tips to prevent future black screens.

how is itFix black screen on iPhone

charge your iPhone

It sounds obvious, but before you panic, take a moment to check if your iPhone's battery is dead.When you try to interact with an uncharged iPhone, it usually flashes an empty battery icon.But if the battery is completely drained, the screen may go completely blank.

                                                                                    If possible, use a data cable to charge your iPhone. 

Plug your iPhone into a working charger and let it sit for at least an hour.If you come back and still cannot power on, then you can continue to the next step.

how is itPrevent iPhone from getting black screen

Experiencing an unresponsive black screen can be scary, especially if your iPhone plays an important role in your work or social life.So once you fix the black screen, take steps to make sure it doesn't reappear.

Uninstall the problematic app

If you start getting a black screen after installing an app, the two may be connected.

Uninstall any apps you've recently downloaded and keep using your phone.If the black screen stops happening, you know what's causing it.

Keep iPhone at normal temperature

Although expensive, the iPhone is a delicate device that needs to be handled with care.Obviously, this means you shouldn't throw it away or dip it in honey.But it also means you need to keep track of its temperature.

too hotOrAn iPhone that's too cold will shut down and display a black screen -- at worst, your battery could be permanently shorted.This can be a big problem if you're trying to run multiple high-performance apps at the same time, or keep your iPhone in a thick case that absorbs heat.

Apple recommends storing iPhone in an area with a temperature range of -4º to 113º F (or -20º and 45º C).

In some cases, your iPhone may freeze and display a warning message telling you to let it cool down.If you see this, move to a cool place and leave your iPhone alone for a while.

                                                                                                           If your iPhone overheats, it locks up until it cools down.

Factory reset your iPhone

If you still have a black screen after uninstalling recent apps, there may be a problem with your version of iOS.You can put your iPhone into recovery mode as we described earlier, or you can do a factory reset.

Factory resetting your iPhone will erase all its data and restore the phone to the condition you bought it.This is an extreme but very useful way to fix major glitches.

To factory reset your iPhone, open the Settings app and tapUniversal",then click"Reset iPhone".On the screen that appears, selectErase all content and settings.


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