How to use the Calendar app on the Apple Watch

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While many of us rely on Apple's Calendar app, you might not know that the Apple Watch version offers many of the same features on the wearable's small screen.

We will show you how to useApple Watchon the Calendar app to keep track of and even add appointments.


View your activity on Apple Watch

OnApple WatchWhen you open the app on , the default "List View" screen will display a list of your scheduled events.On the watch, you can view the information on all your calendars, or only the information you select on the iPhone Calendar app.

Click on an event to see more information about it, such as the location and which calendar it was entered into.


To change the calendar view, select... at the bottom right of the list view.You can also select "Next", which shows any events for the week, while "One Day" shows only today's schedule.

This shouldn't be a surprise, but you can also view your iPhone calendar in a similar view.

There are additional options to view the calendar in day view or list view.In either mode, select < in the upper left corner to display the current week.Swipe left or right to move the week.Tap a date to see everything scheduled on a particular date.

In the week view, select the "<" in the upper left corner, and the month view will pop up.Select a specific week to view the week view.You can switch months by swiping up on the screen or turning the Digital Crown.

How to Add a Calendar Event on Apple Watch

On the same screen, you'll toggle between "Next," "Today," and "List," and just tap "+New Event" to add something to your calendar.


On the watch, you will be able to enter information such as title, location, time, date, calendar, and more.When you're done, select Add at the bottom of the screen.

Keep track of your busy life with the Apple Watch Calendar

While the Apple Watch Calendar isn't as feature-rich as the calendar apps you'll find on the iPhone, it's a great way to quickly check your schedule.

The ability to add events directly on your device makes it a great way to keep your schedule up-to-date at all times.

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