5 ways to troubleshoot when your laptop touchpad isn't working

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when you uselaptop, you may prefer mouse control.But bad news if you rely primarily on the touchpad and find it doesn't work, you may be locked out of full control of your Mac orWindowscomputer.

There are many common reasons why your touchpad doesn't work properly. We have listed a few ways for you to troubleshoot the problem. Next, let's take a look:

an examinationlaptopIs it locked

The first thing to do when you notice that the touchpad isn't working, your first reaction might be to panic and go into a touchpad-specific troubleshooting mode, but you should make sure the entire computer isn't locked up.It's possible that the computer crashed or froze, preventing the keyboard and touchpad from working properly.

In this case, force the computer to restart (usually by holding down the power button until the screen resets), and when it restarts, the touchpad may return to normal.

Make sure the touchpad is not disabled by the function keys

Find the function keys that control the touchpad.

Many laptops have a function key combination (press the function key and the F key on top of the keyboard) that turns the touchpad on and off.It's relatively easy to accidentally disable the touchpad, especially when you're trying to access a nearby function key combination.

Look at the "function keys" row of the keyboard at the top of the keyboard to find the touchpad controls.Then try switching it back by pressing Function + the key.On some laptops, you may need to press Windows key instead of a "function" key, so you can try it for different situations.

Check if other accessories have disabled the touchpad

Temporarily disable bluetooth on the laptop to make sure the touchpad is not disabled by other wireless controllers.

If you have other accessories connected to your laptop, especially controllers like a mouse, tablet, or external touchpad, it may automatically disable your built-in touchpad.To make sure this doesn't happen, unplug any USB devices that might be affecting the touchpad, and disable Bluetooth to disconnect wireless accessories.

In Windows, you need to click "Start", then "Settings", then "Bluetooth and Devices".Finally, turn off Bluetooth by swiping the button to the left.

On a Mac, you can click the Apple icon in the menu bar, then click System Preferences.Click "Bluetooth" and finally "Turn off Bluetooth".

Enable touchpad in settings

Check that the touchpad is disabled in Settings.

The touchpad may also be disabled in settings.To check in Windows, click Start, then Settings.Click Bluetooth & Devices, then Touchpad.Make sure the touchpad is turned on by swiping the button to the right.If the touchpad is enabled, but is not functioning properly, you can also browse the other options on this page to make sure the touchpad is not misconfigured.

Likewise, the trackpad may be MacBook is disabled.It might be disabled because it senses an external mouse, or it might turn off when mouse buttons are on.You can easily check your trackpad settings and turn them back on in your Mac's Accessibility Controls.

Update drivers

A software update is also one of the ways to get the touchpad back to work.

If it doesn't appear to be a simple issue of a wrong setup, it could be a problem with the laptop's touchpad driver.

On a Windows laptop, click Start, and type Device Manager.When you see it appear in the search results, click Device Manager.In the Device Manager window, expand Mouse and Other Pointing Devices and right-click the Touchpad entry.Select Update Driver.Finally, select "Search for drivers automatically" and follow the instructions to update the touchpad driver.

if you are usingMacBook, click the Apple icon in the menu bar, and then click System Preferences.Click Software Update and allow the update to install.

The above methods will basically restore the touchpad to normal operation, if it does not work, you may need to consider whether there is a problem with the hardware or contact the computer supplier.






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