7 Best Free Cloud Storage Services to Keep Your Files Safe Online

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Free cloud storageServices are integral to work and study, and it has become the norm to securely store important everyday files online rather than on fragile computers,Cloud storageIt's also easy to access files from anywhere, and there's little need to carry USB keys and other portable storage devices.It can be said,Free cloud storageServices have revolutionized the way we handle files.

Next, we bring you the 7 best freeCloud storageServe:


With OneDrive, you get 5GB of free online storage.

As part of the OneDrive Basic plan,Microsoft OneDriveNew users are given 5GB of free storage, and if you've subscribed to any Microsoft 365 plan (including subscriptions to Office apps, Word, and Outlook), you'll get 1TB of massive storage. OneDrive is fully encrypted and you can keep your files in sync across multiple computers.


With Dropbox, you get 2GB of free online storage.

dropboxis one of the most well-known cloud storage solutions, which means you can use it to share files with other people because almost everyone you know has their own Dropbox account. Dropbox Basic is free and gives you 2GB of storage, though you can get additional free space by completing simple tasks like referring people and setting up photo sync using the mobile app. Dropbox Basic only lets you sync three devices, but you can subscribe to Dropbox Plus ($9.99 per month), which has 2TB of storage and no cap on supported devices.

Google Drive

On Google Drive, you get 15GB of free online storage.

Google DriveIt's fully integrated into Google's other services, so as long as you have a Google account (including Gmail), you get 15GB of storage for free.

Your Google Drive stores data from your Google services, including Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Docs, so it's absolutely necessary to consider this storage, even if you rely primarily on Dropbox or some other service.However, the paid version is not as cost effective as other services.If you need to expand beyond 15GB, plans start at $100 per year for 19.99GB and $2 per year for 99.99TB.


Sync has 5GB of free storage.

SyncNot as well known as some of the other cloud storage options, but you get 5GB of storage for free when you sign up.It's not just cloud storage; Sync emphasizes its sharing and collaboration capabilities, so you can easily create storage scenarios for other team members and use it to develop production workflows. Sync gives you a full gigabyte of extra storage for every additional user you refer.If you still need more storage, you can upgrade to a higher-capacity plan, starting at 2TB for $96 per year.


pCloud offers 10GB of free storage, and you can subscribe for life without annual renewals.

pCloudNew users are given 10GB of free storage when they sign up for the basic service (although to get the full 10GB you'll need to complete tasks like installing mobile apps and referring friends), and unlike other services, if you want to upgrade, pCloud offers the option to get a "lifetime" subscription.For a one-time payment of $500, you can get 500GB; for a one-time payment of $980, you can get 2TB, and these rates are often discounted, so it's not as expensive as it seems.In addition to highly optimized file syncing across your devices, pCloud provides you with sharing and collaboration tools and end-to-end encryption for added security.

Amazon Drive

Every Amazon customer gets 5GB of storage for free.

Amazon DriveJust like Google Drive, you can easily get an account; Amazon automatically gives all customers 5GB of free storage.This applies to all Amazon customers, not just Amazon Prime.The difference is that the base Amazon Drive shares the same 5GB as Amazon Photos, while Amazon Prime users get unlimited photo storage in addition to the 5GB Amazon Drive.However, the tools for syncing desktop files with Amazon Drive are somewhat limited.If you need extra storage, you can upgrade to 100GB for $19.99 per year, or 2TB for $119.98 per year.


Mega is not too well known but will give away 20GB for free.

Mega is giving away 20GB of free storage to new users, making it the most generous cloud storage solution in the world.Just like you can expand your Dropbox storage space by completing various tasks, Mega also offers additional storage bonuses.There are plenty of upgrade options, starting with 400GB for about $68 per year and ending with 16TB for about $409 per year.Whether you pay for a subscription or use the free version, you get end-to-end encryption, file synchronization and backup (you can use it as an online backup solution, complete with file versioning), and secure communications.

Saving files on your computer isn't the only option, and it's not very secure, given the variety of computer failures that can occur from time to time.And free cloud storage services will provide a whole new outlet for your file storage.



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