How to Check and Manage Your Activity on Instagram

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InstagramVery popular, but it definitely sucks your energy and keeps you hooked.Increased screen time and app activity can also affect your health.

Fortunately,InstagramActivity management features have been developed to help you control interactions and time spent on the app.


We'll discuss ways to check and manage your activity on Instagram, including their benefits.With a clear understanding, you'll have more control over your Instagram activity.

Time-consuming features of Instagram



Screen time is a common concern for most of us, and Instagram provides its users with an overview of the total time spent on the app.

To check how much time you spend on Instagram:

1. Go to your Instagram profile and select the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner to open a new menu.

2. From there, select "Your Events".It contains different activity management tools to help you maintain harmony between Instagram and real life and avoid social media addiction.

3. Scroll until you see the time spent.This section tells you the average time you spend on your Instagram account.The times shown above are average times, but if you press and hold the bar on the graph, it will show the times per day.

4. Users can customize the app's settings in "Manage Your Time" to suit their preferences.

Get a break reminder

Taking a break from the screen is vital for your eyes and mental health.Start time management by limiting the number of minutes you spend on Instagram.Tap to set reminder to rest and choose within a given time.

Instagram will remind you to close the app so you can focus on other things.

Set daily time limit

Are you addicted to Instagram?If so, we don't blame you.With so much exciting content, it's hard for people to stop using the app.

By tapping to set a daily time limit, you can start receiving notifications about the length of time you spend on the app.

Notification settings

Notifications are the most distracting thing on your phone.You can choose to filter the alerts that come to your screen by selecting "Notification Settings".In addition to this, there is an option to disable all notification reminders on the app.

Manage and categorize your Instagram content

Instagram provides users with the ability to categorize and manage their content.This feature allows you to choose what should be on Instagram and what must be removed.

1. Open the menu by selecting the three lines at the top right of your profile.

2. Tap "Your Activity" and scroll to Photos and Videos.

3. All your uploads are easily accessible.You can sort and filter according to your needs.

4. Select the media you want to change.

5. Press the three dots above your content to select the desired action.You can change comment settings, hide likes, edit posts, share to other apps, and even delete it.

Manage interactions with your Instagram content


People interact with comments, replies and messages on Instagram.If you'd like to see your account's interactions with other people, select Interactions and choose what you'd like to see from comments, likes, story replies, and comments.Then, use filters to categorize and organize interactions.

Review your Instagram account history



A content creator's account history is critical to remembering and understanding previous modifications.You can also navigate to this section and make changes to it when viewing your account history.

You can view changes made to your account privacy, bio, username, email, Instagram name and contact information.You can assess what needs to be changed and what will work best for the overall look of your account.

Check your recent Instagram searches



Like Facebook, Instagram also allows its users to see their recent searches.need to be able to do this.

1. Click the three bars at the top right of your profile to open your activity.

2. Scroll down until you see Recent searches, and then tap it.

3. All the accounts you have searched are listed here.

4. Click the cross to the right of the username to remove the account from your search list.

If you're looking for an account with a complicated username, or an account you'd like to review later, the Recents tab is helpful.

Evaluate access links on Instagram



We see multiple ads from different websites on Instagram.Clicking on these links will take you to the site.You can view links you have previously visited through your Instagram account activity.

Users can also look for suspicious links that could compromise the integrity of their accounts.Just open "Your Activity" and click "Links You Visited" to view it.

Delete and archive your Instagram posts

You may want to delete specific posts on Instagram temporarily or permanently.If you'd like to see pictures you've archived or deleted, please browse the relevant section in "Your Activity".Users are directed to posts they have archived or deleted.

You can also delete and archive posts directly by following the steps below.

1. In your profile, tap the picture you want to archive or delete.

2. Click the three dots to the right of your username to open a new menu.

3. Select the option to archive or delete.

Remember, archived posts can be viewed and restored again, but if you delete a post, it can no longer be viewed and restored.

Create a balance between Instagram and real life

Instagram is one of the most popular picture-based content apps out there, and it's easy to get addicted to the app.Many users have complained that they face difficulties managing their time and activities on the app.

Through the built-in functionality of the app, you have the possibility to check and manage your activities on this platform.You can view time spent on the app and many other types of activities.Based on this data, you can make reasonable judgments and limit your use of this application.

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