How to Automatically Switch between Light and Dark Mode in macOS

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On a Mac, you have two appearance modes to control the appearance of applications and windows, Light Mode and Dark Mode.Both modes have their uses, and switching between the two modes during the day may help.


Fortunately,MacOSAllows you to set your Mac to automatically switch between light and dark modes, depending on the time of day.So, if you're interested in taking advantage of it, keep reading.

MacOSOverview of light and dark modes in


Lighting modes are familiar to anyone who has used a Mac.It has been the default appearance setting for all applications, windows and menus since before macOS Mojave.All menus and windows are white, brighter than in dark mode, and text in apps is black.

Dark Mode was introduced with macOS Mojave and has been a highly requested feature for years.It's popular with users who do a lot of work at night, as dark menus and windows are easier to catch the eye.

macOS' native apps and menus use a near-black tone to reduce eye irritation in dark environments.

When should you use each mode?

Light mode is best used during the day or in bright environments.It makes it easier to see your content in brighter conditions.This is especially true for people who want to read textual content, because text on a white background is displayed in black compared to white text on a black background.

Dark Mode is best for when you're in a dark environment because it makes buttons, windows, and menus easier to see.It's also arguably more aesthetic, with a dark background and white text on the screen.Colored content, like documents and photos, also stands out when you're using Dark Mode.

How to automatically switch between light and dark modes

Switching modes automatically in macOS is straightforward.You can change the appearance of macOS through System Preferences.To do this, follow these simple steps:

1. Open "System Preferences" and click "General".

2. Select Automatic in the Appearance section.


Now that you've changed this setting, your Mac will now switch to light mode after sunrise, but after sunset, it will start using dark mode, which is pretty neat.

If you've been using your computer all day, you'll appreciate this setup, as it allows you to switch seamlessly between the two modes without having to do anything on your side.

Change the look of your macOS seamlessly

Both light and dark modes have their uses in macOS.Light mode is great for bright environments, especially outdoors, while dark mode is great for when you use your computer at night without straining your eyes from bright light.

So changing the look of macOS and having it run automatically is one of the many ways you can customize your Mac.


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