4 Ways to Set Reminders in Windows

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It's easy to forget things when you have a full schedule, but luckily Windows offers a variety of ways to set reminders.You can set one-time or recurring reminders based on your schedule so you don’t forget to file a paper on time or grab a glass of water every few hours.
Here's how to set reminders on Windows.

1. How to Set Reminders with Cortana

The easiest way to set reminders on Windows is to tell Windows something you want to be reminded of.

You can open Cortana with the Win+C keyboard shortcut.Once you're signed in, you can ask her to set a reminder with your microphone.Of course, if you don't allow Cortana to use your computer's microphone, you can type a command for Cortana like this:


Cortana will create a reminder for you in Microsoft To-Do, which comes preinstalled on Windows 11.However, if you're not a Cortana fan, you can also set reminders directly using Microsoft To-Do.

2. How to use Microsoft To-Do to set reminders

If you don't like using Cortana, you can manually create a reminder in Microsoft To-Do.Open Windows Search, type in "Microsoft To-Do", and launch Best Match.

When the app starts, click Add Task.Name the task and click the plus sign.


Click on the task.You'll see a sidebar slide in from the right.Select the "Remind me" option.Select to select a data and time.Enter a date and time when you want to be reminded.

If you want to set a recurring reminder, click Repeat > Customize and choose a frequency you want to be reminded of the task.The highest frequency is "daily", which makes To-Do less useful for hourly reminders and more suitable for daily or weekly tasks.


3. Use Microsoft Calendar to set reminders

Microsoft Calendar is also preinstalled in the latest versions of Windows.Like Microsoft To-Do, you can use it to set reminders

Search for "Microsoft Calendar" in Windows Search and choose the best match.Once the app is launched, click on any date.You'll see a popup that lets you create an event on the selected date.


Enter the name of the task you want to be reminded of in the Event Name field.Then, click More Details.

Uncheck the box to the left of "All Day" and choose a time frame.If you want to set a reminder to drink water, just enter the same time in the start and end time.Then, choose the time for the event or task you want to be reminded of.


Again, if it's something like drinking a glass of water, you should choose 0 minutes before.If it's a doctor's visit, you might want to choose 10 minutes or 20 minutes before so you have enough time to finish what you're doing.

You can also set a recurring reminder by tapping "Repeat".However, you can only set reminders that repeat every day.Hourly reminders are not an option.


4. Use Task Scheduler to Set Reminders

Task Scheduler is an ancient Windows tool.Many of its features have been deprecated, but you can still use it to set reminders on Windows, both one-time and recurring.

Search for Task Scheduler in the start menu and select the best match.Click the Create Basic Task option.


Enter a task name, describe the task, and click Next.

Choose a recurring frequency.You have several options, but hourly reminders are not an option.The most frequent option you can choose is Daily.Click Next when done.


Choose a date and time, and enter a value for the recurring frequency of your choice.Click Next when done.

On the next screen, choose to start a program.You'll also see two other options, Send Email or Show Message, but both are deprecated.

Click Next and you'll see the option to choose a program.You might consider choosing any lightweight program, such as Notepad, as a signal to complete the task.


Task Manager isn't the best way to set reminders, but it's still an option.

never forget a thing again

Several of the apps and features in the list above can help you set reminders.Use them proficiently and you won't forget anything or an important moment again.

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