How does the Samsung Galaxy Trade-In Program work?

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Trade-ins are a common way for people to upgrade their equipment, and it's inexpensive.This is a great way to reduce the cost of a new phone and also enables you to dispose of your old phone responsibly.Samsung offers a solid trade-in program that offers excellent value for relatively new and older phones.


Here's what you need to know about Samsung's trade-in program.

How Samsung's trade-in works


When you're in the process of ordering a new phone, Samsung runs its trade-in program through its own website.You can exchange for a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch through the program.Samsung also lets you trade in multiple devices when you order, depending on what you want to buy.

You need to choose the condition of the device, good or bad.If you're still using the phone you want to trade in, Samsung will send you the new phone you bought before you need to send your old phone.Once you receive your new device, you have 15 days to send your old product to Samsung for a deal.If for some reason you haven't sent your new product after receiving it, or it's not as described, Samsung can remotely disable your new product.

Samsung even offers incentives in exchange for your old device, like an added credit for the first product you exchange for a limited time.You can even get secured credit for Galaxy devices in any condition.

Samsung trade-in eligibility requirements


Samsung takes a wide variety of devices from many manufacturers.When it comes to smartphones, it buys phones from Apple, Google, LG, OnePlus, Samsung, and more.Samsung has embraced cellphones for generations, all the way to today's smartphones.

In order to be eligible to trade in your phone and receive credit, your device must meet specific requirements, depending on its condition.

If your device is damaged:

1. It needs to be able to be opened and fully functional.

2. The charging port needs to be fully functional.

3. The device cannot be locked or contain your data.

4. The camera needs work.

5. Your device cannot be blacklisted, which means it cannot be marked as lost or stolen.

If your device is in good condition:

1. It must meet all of the above requirements.

2. The screen, frame and camera lens also need to be free of any cracks.

It's also important to note that if your current device is on a carrier's installment plan, you'll still have to pay the carrier until it's paid off.

If your device passes these requirements, Samsung should have no problem.

Trade-in steps

The steps to Samsung's trade-in process are simple.First, you have to choose the model you want to buy, and then choose the trade-in device.Next, you need to see if you qualify for a trade-in.If so, you can trade in your device at the factory.

When you receive your new device, you can reuse its box and send your old device to Samsung.You don't need to send back accessories, chargers or cases.You just need to send the device itself to Samsung.

Great item to save money on newly purchased equipment

Samsung offers a trade-in program to incentivize customers to upgrade or switch to their devices.With convincing trade-in credits, easy steps, and acceptance of various brands, Samsung's trade-in program is a great way to get a new phone at a low price.

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