How to Pin Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Files to the Windows 11 Taskbar's App Icons

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You probably work on your Windows computer every day, so why not make it more productive?You're probably already using methods to make everyday computing smoother and easier, like pinning apps and files to the taskbar.

In Windows 11, however, pinning Office files is no longer as easy to drag and drop as it was in Windows 10.However, it can still be done easily.let's see.


Why I'm having trouble pinning Office files to Office apps in Windows 11

To get Microsoft'sWord,ExcelPower pointFiles are done with one click, and you can drag and drop them onto their respective icons on the taskbar.However, if you've already upgraded to Windows 11 or bought a new PC with Windows 11 preinstalled, you'll quickly find that the drag-and-drop method doesn't work there.

So, how do you pin Office files to taskbar icons on Windows 11?Fortunately, there is a workaround for this, and it's easy to do too.

1. MoveWord,ExcelOrPower pointApps are pinned to the taskbar

First, you need to pin the Office app, be it Word, Excel or PowerPoint, to the Windows 11 taskbar.Here's how:

1. Click the Windows icon on the taskbar to open the Start menu.You may find icons for Office applications there.Otherwise, click All Apps at the top right of the Start menu to open a list of all apps.

2. Right-click the Word, Excel or PowerPoint icon to open the context menu.Then select Pin to taskbar.


Word, Excel or PowerPoint applications will be pinned to the taskbar.As you can see in the screenshot below, the Word and Excel apps have been pinned.You can pin the PowerPoint application in the same way.


2. How to Pin Word Files on the Pinned Word App on the Windows 11 Taskbar

Now let's pin a Word file to the Word icon on the taskbar.

1. First, you must open the Word file that you want to pin to the Word icon.As you can see in the screenshot below, I opened the file called The 2022 LA Project.


2. Now you don't need to do anything, just close the Word file.Since this will be the last Word file to open, it will now appear in Word's recent list, which is exactly what you want.

3. Right-click the Word icon on the taskbar.It will open the menu and you will see this Word file in the recent list.As you can see in the image below, the LA 2022 project files are right under "Recent".


4. You can now right-click the file to open the context menu.Just select Pin to this list.


5. Alternatively, when you hover over the file, you'll see the Pin icon on the right.Just click the Pin icon and that's it.


Now, the Word file will be pinned to the Word icon on the taskbar.

3. How to pin Excel and PowerPoint files to their respective pinned applications

You can pin Excel and Word files to the application icon on the taskbar in the same way as above for pinning Word files.

1. Open the Excel or PowerPoint file that you want to pin.Then close the file.

2. Right-click the Excel or PowerPoint icon on the taskbar to open the menu and check the files under Recents.

3. Then right-click the file and select Pin to this list.Or use the Pin icon to pin it.


Quickly access and process your office documents

Yes, pinning Office files to app icons on the Windows 11 taskbar is that simple.So go ahead and pin your files to make your most important and frequently used files just one click away.

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