How to delete your Gmail account without losing any data

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when you have a newgmail account or just no longer need the originalgmail account, you may want to delete it.Once deleted, you won't be able to send and receive mail using your old Gmail account, and any mail you've saved in it will disappear.

But you can still useGoogle , such as YouTube or Docs.If you decide to delete your Gmail account, you will lose all access to your Gmail account.This action cannot be undone, so make sure you've thought about it and really want to delete it.

How to delete your Gmail account

1. Open the Gmail account you want to delete on your PC or Mac computer using any browser.

2. Click the profile icon in the upper right corner to open your account menu, then click Manage your Google account.

3. In the left sidebar, click the Data & Privacy tab.

4. Scroll down to the Download or delete your data section and click Delete Google Services.

Gmail is a Google service, and you can remove it from this menu.

5. Enter your password to confirm that it is you.

6. Find the Gmail option and click the trash can icon next to it.It's important to note that if you want to save your sent and received emails before deleting them, first click the Download your data option at the top of the page.You'll be taken to the "Google Takeout" page, where you can archive your mail data.

7. Enter a new email address to connect your Google account (non-Gmail email address), then verify the email.

A non-Gmail email address should be entered here.

8.Log in to the email account you provided, open the email Google just sent, and click the link inside to complete the entire removal process.

How to delete other Google services

Google operates several websites, such as YouTube and Stadia.If you also want to delete these accounts or even the entire Google Account, the method is much the same as for Gmail, but if there is important information or data in the account, you can also download all the data beforehand and save it safely.

It has to be said that deleting the entire Google account does not seem to be a wise choice, thinking that it always appears in all aspects of our lives and provides great convenience for us to study and work.So, please think carefully before making the decision to delete your account.


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