How to Browse YouTube Anonymously

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Have you ever watched a video or two on a particular topic, only to come back to your YouTube homepage and see a flood of similar videos in your suggestions?Or, have you ever searched for something, only to find that your searches are now being horribly personalized?


If you've ever found yourself in either of these situations, then you'll love this article.We'll tell you a few ways to browse YouTube anonymously.

1. Use a one-time Google account


The first way to browse YouTube anonymously is to create a one-time account.A one-time account is one that you only use for YouTube, and you don't enter any personal information.This way, there is no connection between your real identity and your YouTube activity.

Creating a new Google account on Android, iPhone or your computer is very simple.All you need to do is go to the Gmail website and choose to create an account.Then you can go to YouTube and binge YouTube with your disposable account without worrying about your privacy.

2. Sign out of your Google account before browsing

If you're not used to setting up a brand new account, you can log out of your regular account before browsing YouTube.This way, your activity is not tied to your real account and identity.

Of course, this method isn't perfect, as YouTube is still able to track your IP address.However, it is a quick and easy way to browse YouTube anonymously.

3. Use YouTube's Incognito Mode (Mobile)




If you're using the YouTube app on your phone, you can also take advantage of the in-app incognito feature.This is similar to logging out of your account before browsing, but it's a bit more convenient.Nothing you do in incognito mode will be linked to your account and, therefore, will not be used to personalize your experience.

To turn on incognito mode, open the YouTube app and tap your profile picture in the upper right corner.Then, select Turn on incognito.You'll know it's working because a black bar will appear at the bottom of the screen that says: "You are Incognito".

4. Browse YouTube with Tor Browser

Another way to browse YouTube anonymously is to use the Tor Browser.If you don't know what Tor Browser is, it's a special browser that routes your traffic through multiple servers before it reaches its destination.This makes it very difficult to trace the source of the traffic.However, since your traffic is going through multiple servers, it can slow down your connection.

Tor Browser is free to download and use, which makes it the best option for those on a budget.However, since it's free, there's no customer support if you have any problems using the browser.

Binge watching YouTube anonymously

You don't have to sacrifice your privacy to enjoy YouTube.By using one of these methods, you can browse YouTube anonymously and watch whatever you want without worrying about affecting your video recommendations.So, go ahead and have a blast!

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