12 Useful Chrome Extensions You Can Use to Make Google Search Better

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No matter how you search Google, you always get to the same place.If the standard search results pages don't meet your requirements, you're out of luck.Unless you use these extensions designed to improve your search.


The following Chrome extensions make Google's search more powerful in various ways.Some will give you better results.And a few more to get you what you're looking for faster.


As the name suggests, Multiple Tabs Search allows you to automatically open multiple search tabs.Just type all the words or phrases you want to search on Google (or any other search engine) on a new line and press search.

Again, if you paste the URL, the extension will open those pages in a new tab.Using Google's advanced search operators, the tool removes certain sites from search results and searches word by word.

By default, the search engine is Google.But advanced users can change the search engine and other settings.

The free plan is quite limited as it can only open two tabs at a time.Therefore, in order to get more features, you need to get a premium license.The good news is that a lifetime license costs just $8.

Download: Multiple Tabs Search for Google Chrome (free, paid)

2. Google Search Filter


Everyone has their favorite sites -- and maybe some they don't.With this extension, you can highlight the former and hide the latter.

For example, if you add a website to the "Highlights" section, you'll see search results like the one above.And if you add another site to the "hidden" list, you won't see search results for that site at all.

If you know which sites you trust and which you don't, this can save you a lot of time.

Download: Google Search Filter for Google Chrome (free)

3. View Image


Google removed the "view image" button from its image search results, much to the annoyance of many.The easiest way to fix this is to use this extension, which just reinserts the button into the search results.Simple enough.

Download: View Image for Google Chrome (free)

4. Web Search Navigator

Hate using your mouse to browse search results?Try Web Search Navigator.The extension allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate search results and select them.

You can open web pages in background tabs or new windows, go to previous/next pages, filter results by time, and navigate to specific sections (like pictures), all using the keyboard.

Besides Google, the extension also works on other sites like YouTube, Brave Search, Amazon, Startpage, and GitHub. Web Search Navigator syncs settings across devices and lets you set your own shortcut keys.

Download: Web Search Navigator for Google Chrome (free)

5. Context Menu Search


If you often find yourself searching for a certain phrase you read on a page, Context Menu Search can help save you a little time.While Chrome has a built-in option in the context menu for searching Google, the extension also adds support for other search engines.

Just highlight a piece of text, right-click, and choose the search engine you want to use.You can also add your own search engine -- so you can search for Wolfram Alpha, DuckDuckGo, or any other search engine you like.

This doesn't seem to save you much time, but it's handy if you come across a long phrase that you don't want to retype.

Download: Context Menu Search for Google Chrome (free)

6. Google Scholar Button


Google Scholar is one of Google's most useful tools, especially for students.And with this extension, you can search the full text of an article with a single click.Just highlight the title of the article and click the Google Scholar button.

If the article is available online or in your university library, you can download it.

You can even use the app to generate citations in your preferred format so they can be copied and pasted directly into your document.

Download: Google Scholar Button for Google Chrome (free)

7. Google Similar Pages


If you find something you really like, it can be difficult to figure out how to search for similar web pages.There are services out there that can help you, but it's even better if you can just click a button to get a referral.That's what this extension does.

When you're on a page you like, just click the Google Similar Pages button and you'll see a list of pages that Google thinks are similar.Just click on the one you like.

Download: Google Similar Pages for Google Chrome (free)

8. SearchPreview


Google's Instant Preview is a cool feature that lets you take a quick look at a page before opening it from a search results page.This feature is gone, but some extensions have replaced it.

SearchPreview is one of the more popular because it's simple: you'll see thumbnails next to items in search results.It also shows the popularity ranking in the form of a bar.

Download: SearchPreview for Google Chrome (free)

9. Search the Current Site


While the name of this extension is not very exciting, it is very useful if you tend to use the "site: " operator for single site searches on Google.

Instead of doing this, click the icon and enter your search term.Google will search for your term on every page of the site.Plus, you can set up a custom search engine in Google Chrome for frequently searched sites.

Download: Search the Current Site for Google Chrome (free)

10. Search Results Previewer


Like SearchPreview, Search Results Previewer is another extension that lets you take a peek at a webpage before opening it.

After downloading the extension, do a Google search as you normally would.You'll notice a blue eye icon next to the search results.Hovering your cursor over it will open a preview of the web page.

You can expand the preview to go to another page of the site.A rather useful extension, Search Results Previewer, can speed up your work, especially when you visit multiple web pages per search.

Download: Search Results Previewer for Google Chrome (free)

11. Infinite Scroll for Google

If you tend to flip through a few pages of search results, this extension can help you save time per search.You'll see each result on a separate page instead of paginated results that scroll forever.

And, since the extension doesn't load the next set of results until you scroll to the bottom of the page, it doesn't significantly increase the load time for your first search.

Download: Infinite Scroll for Google for Google Chrome (free)

12. Google Search-Geolocation & Language Change


It's no secret that Google provides search results based on the information it collects, including your location.So if for any reason you want to see search results in other countries, you can change your location from your search settings.

But for those who find themselves doing this a lot, it might be worth installing Google Search - Geolocation & Language Change.The extension adds an option to change location or language below the search bar (next to the tool).

While it lets you see results for almost all countries, only a few of them are enabled by default.You can open more locations or languages ​​in the extension options.This is certainly a good extension if you want unfiltered search results from Google.

Download: Google Search-Geolocation & Language Change for Google Chrome (free)

Get better results from Google

Google is the dominant search engine in the market.But that doesn't mean it can't be improved.

With these extensions, you can get better results from every Google search you run.Whether it's more accurate results, faster loading times, or easier navigation, you're just a few clicks away.

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