Apple Watch Ultra vs Apple Watch Series 8: Which should you buy?

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If you're looking for the latest and greatest Apple Watch models, you'll find two options--Apple Watch UltraApple Watch Series 8.


To help you make the best buying decision, we've compared the two models.

Design and Screen Size


Apple Watch UltraFeaturing a new, more robust design with a titanium case.Both the side buttons and the digital crown protrude from the case, making them easier to use when wearing gloves.

Opposite is a new action button that can be customized to initiate different tasks, such as starting a workout.

The 49mm screen is the largest ever on an Apple Watch and is protected by a sapphire cover that offers up to 2000 nits of brightness.

There's also an improved three-microphone array for windy environments, and dual speakers boost audio call volume and Siri interaction.It is also swim-proof up to 100 meters.

All of these designs do come at the expense of added weight. At 61.3 grams, the Apple Watch Ultra significantly exceeds the 8 grams of the largest aluminum Apple Watch Series 38.8.


In appearance, the Apple Watch 8 series has the same design as the Apple Watch 7 series.Available in 41mm or 45mm versions, the Always-On display features a nearly bezel-less design that blends in with the curves of the case.

The screen has a brightness of up to 1,000 nits.In addition to having IP6X dust resistance, it also has the ability to swim up to 50 meters.

Battery Life


Battery life is another big difference between the two models.The Apple Watch Series 8 can last up to 18 hours before needing a charge.The Apple Watch Ultra, on the other hand, offers double the time, with 36 hours of use.

Both products can use a low-power mode to extend battery life. The Series 8 lasts for 36 hours, and the larger models last for 60 hours.However, this mode will limit functions such as always-on display.

Available functions


On the software side, both new watch models can take advantage of some great watchOS 9 features, such as extra watch faces, a better Workout app, and more.

Apple Watch Series 8And the Apple Watch Ultra also has built-in temperature sensors to better understand women's health, as well as sensors for collision detection.If it detects you're in a crash and doesn't respond, it will automatically call emergency services and your emergency contacts.

Taking advantage of the sturdy design, the Apple Watch Ultra also offers some exclusive features.

An 86-decibel siren can be heard from 600 feet away.There's also a new depth gauge and depth app that shows the time, current depth, water temperature, and more.

The Apple Watch Ultra also uses the exclusive Wayfinder watch face.It has room for eight complications and can even display a live compass.At night, you can turn the digital crown to see night mode with red accents.

Size, Color and Price


The price of the Apple Watch Ultra is $799.There's only one color case, but you can choose from three new straps -- Alpine Loop, Trail Loop, and Ocean Bad.This model is equipped with a cellular network connection.

For the Apple Watch Series 8, there are more options and sizes to choose from.



Stainless steel versions in silver, gold or graphite color offer built-in phone functionality, starting at $41 for the 699mm version and $45 for the 749mm version.

So if you have the money and don't mind a heavier watch, the Apple Watch Ultra is definitely for you because of its longer battery life, bigger screen, and other exclusive features.But if you're looking for a smaller, less expensive watch with more color options, try the Apple Watch Series 8.

make the best choice

Now is a great time to buy an Apple Watch.

Both Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Series 8 offer a plethora of features to suit the needs of different types of users.

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