3 Ways to Share Google Docs

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HaveGoogle Docs, sharing and collaborating on documents is easy.However, if you work with many of them, you'll want to have some way to share your links and adjust permissions.

It's easy to turn these settings off so that anyone with the link can quickly access the file and get to work.But sometimes this can mean oversharing or allowing people to edit content you don't want.In this article, you can learn about the different ways to share links to Google Docs and how they work.


1. Use the sharing settings to share your Google Docs

Unless you're working on a shared drive, Google makes the documents you create restricted by default.This means you'll need to adjust your sharing settings before others can view it using the link.Otherwise, your browser will end up with a page prompting them to request access, which can mean a lot of extra work and notifications while they wait.

To adjust your file's permission settings, tap "Sharing" in the upper-right corner of the screen to bring up the sharing settings.In this menu you can see a quick overview of who has access to the file.You can also grant others access.Here's how each section in this menu works:

Add people and groups

If you want to restrict who can access your Google Docs, you can add specific people using this field at the top of the menu.Type their email address here.The next step is to specify their role, choose if you want to notify them, and add an optional message.

They'll get an email letting them know you've shared it with them, including a link that will allow them to find it.They can also find it again later in the "Shared with me" tab in their own Google Drive.

person with access

Under the Who Has Permissions heading, you can see who has permission to access the file.You can also adjust their roles by clicking the arrows next to them - these roles are:

Viewers - These people can view files, download, print, or copy files.

Reviewers - they can share and use comments or suggestions to communicate with you.

Edit - their control is second only to the owner (if it's a file you created).They can change it, work with others' suggestions, and even share the file with others and adjust its permissions.

Additionally, you can use this menu to transfer file ownership or remove access rights.

You can make additional adjustments to your sharing settings by clicking the gear in the upper left corner of the panel.Here, you can turn off the editor's ability to share or change file permissions.You can also prevent viewers and commenters from downloading, printing, or copying files.

general access

In general access, you can decide if you want to keep the file restrictive, or if you want to give anyone access to the link.To do this, click on the fly menu next to Restricted and swap.

Once you convert, you can edit the settings to allow people with the link to view, comment or edit.Remember, if you open your file for someone with the link, you can't prevent others from sharing the link.

copy Link

When you're ready, you can quickly grab the link by clicking "Copy Link" in the lower left corner of the panel.Now you can paste it where you want.For quick access, you can visually bookmark and organize your links in software like Notion to help you find and share them later.

Also, you can copy the link directly from the address bar.Just highlight everything before the forward slash after a long string of numbers and letters.

2. Publish your Google Docs and share the link

You can publish your Google Docs for anyone to view by clicking "File" in the upper left corner of the screen, hovering over "Share", and selecting "Publish to the Web."There, all you need to do is hit the publish button.


This seems to be the same as setting your share to either link.It is, only the information is only viewable, and the modifications you make to the file are not real-time.So once your file is viewable, you can hit publish and give others access.

However, if you need to continue working on the file, you can adjust the settings so that no one can see your changes until you hit publish again.To do this, once you've made it public, click the fly menu next to Published Content and Settings and uncheck Automatically republish when changes are made.

Once you publish it, you can share the link or embed it in other files or web pages.To delete your files, all you need to do is go back to the same menu and select Stop Publishing.It's a great way to share information without building a website or worrying about domain names and hosting.

3. Link to a specific section by bookmarking your Google Docs

Create a bookmark in your Google Docs that will take your readers to a specific spot on the page.need to be able to do this:

1. Place your cursor where you want the bookmark to appear.

2. Go to Insert and Bookmarks.

3. Once you select the bookmark, the symbol will appear in your document.

4. Click the symbol to copy the link or delete it.

Remember that the person you share your bookmark link with will also need access to the rest of the file.It also means they can view the full content.

Multiple ways to share your Google Docs link

You have many ways to share yourGoogle Docslink:

Using the sharing setting, you can keep it exclusive or make it widely available to viewers, commenters or editors.

Publishing allows you to share your work publicly.

Which one you choose depends on you and the type of file you want to link.Remember to double check your files before sharing.

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