Has your Facebook been hacked?How to tell (and fix it)

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log inFacebookAnd realizing that someone hacked your account is no fun.But it happens, and the damage done can be a big problem for you and your friends and family.


Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to prevent yourFacebookbe hacked.If hacked, there are a few things you can do to fix that too.

How to tell if your Facebook account has been hacked


Usually, the hack is obvious.Your profile might start posting ads on your friends' walls, encouraging them to buy a copy of Ray-Ban glasses, or something like that.Your hacked Facebook account could also send unwanted emails, change your profile information, and even change your email address and password.These are bad situations and things you want to avoid.

Another common Facebook hack is to send a message to your friends via Messenger, encouraging them to click a link.When they do, usually their accounts are also hacked.A hacked account is not only dangerous to you, but it also puts your family and friends at risk.

Thankfully, there's an easy way to find out if someone else is logged into your Facebook account.

Go to "Settings & Privacy" > "Settings" > "Security & Sign In" > "Where are you signed in", then click "See more".The information contained in this section will show where you have signed in and what device you have signed in with.

Remember: If your password is changed by a hacker, you need to act quickly to restore your Facebook account.

Workaround: If you notice a discrepancy in where you're logged into Facebook, you can easily end the activity for that session, which should help protect you from any hackers on that device.To be on the safe side, you can also log out of all sessions.

View your payment history on Facebook


Another way to check if someone has hacked your Facebook account is to check your purchase history.If you have a credit card stored on your account, it is possible for hackers to make fraudulent purchases and increase your bill.

To make sure you're protected, go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Orders & Payments and check under Your Activity, it should show up easily here.You can even check your ad payment section to see if there are hackers buying ads.

The fix: If you notice any fraudulent charges, you can notify Facebook Support about them.The company has been pretty good at responding to concerns, either through its Facebook account or through its official Twitter account.

How to inform Facebook of a hacking attempt


If you have any questions about hacking, you should let Facebook know.Facebook is keen to know what the hackers are trying to do and wants to do everything it can to keep the site as safe and secure as possible.

The fix: You can contact it via Facebook's official Twitter account, or you can send a message using your support inbox.You can find your inbox by going to Settings > Support Inbox.

How to protect your Facebook account

Before we get into fixing your Facebook account, it's a good idea to learn how to prevent potential hackers from accessing your account.Setting a better password, avoiding spam, and increasing your privacy are just some of the ways you can help protect your Facebook.

use a strong password

You need to set a memorable password that is not vulnerable to brute force attacks.Enabling fingerprint access is also good security advice, as well as convenient.

After you've solved the basics, there are some more advanced options you should consider.You can enable email or login notifications, which you can do in Settings > Security & Login > Set Up Extra Security > Get Unrecognized Login Alerts.

Under Security Settings, you can also set up two-factor authentication.Doing so, which requires entering a security code when logging in from an unknown device or browser, is another powerful deterrent worth considering.

Take precautions while browsing Facebook

You also need to consider what precautions you can take to protect your Facebook account from hackers.

For example, you should avoid clicking on advertising links.It may seem simple, but there are many cases of people hitting spam on Facebook and ruining their computers.Don't let it happen to you.Avoid spam links, which may even show up in your Messenger inbox.

You should also avoid any messages that claim to be your friends trying to fix their accounts, as this is another common hack.Here, the hacker, while pretending to be a friend, sends you a link that ends up stealing your information instead.You should also avoid sending Facebook SMS codes or one-time passwords (OTPs) to anyone.

You should also avoid fake sites that look like Facebook, which may steal your sensitive information.If you enter your login information on such a site, your Facebook account will be hacked in seconds.

Adjust your Facebook privacy settings

Another step you can take is to increase the privacy settings of your photos, posts, and hashtags.

Hiding these items may make your privacy more complete, especially if you also have a friend list set up.Doing this is a great way to make sure your items only show up to specific people, not your entire list, or worse, the entire internet.

As far as the security of your Facebook account goes, making these changes limits the number of comments you receive and restricts them to the people you trust the most.This makes you less likely to click on links from people pretending to be your friends.

How to fix a hacked Facebook account


If you've had the misfortune of having your Facebook account hacked, don't worry.It is possible to correct this problem.

To minimize losses, you should:

Change your Facebook password.

Remove suspicious third-party apps.

Remind your friends and family as soon as possible.

Report the issue to Facebook through the company's official channels.

Protect Your Facebook Privacy and Security

Hopefully you now know how to tell if your Facebook account has been hacked and what to do about it.

Remember that while nothing is 100% protected, Facebook offers many ways to protect your account.Doing so means it will be very difficult for hackers to gain access to your data or personal information.By taking the necessary safety precautions, you will ensure that you are protected as much as possible.

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