11 Best Book Review and Book Rating Sites

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No one likes to spend money on a new book, only to face that overwhelming sense of disappointment when it doesn't live up to your expectations.

The solution is to check some book review sites before you go to the store to buy a book.The more opinions you can gather, the more confident you will be that you will enjoy the book.


Which book review and book rating sites are worth considering?Here are some of the best ones.

1. Goodreads


GoodreadsArguably the leading online community for book lovers.If you want some inspiration for which novel or biography to read next, this is a book review site worth visiting.

There are endless user-generated reading lists to explore,GoodreadsIt itself also publishes "best of" lists in many categories.You can search for books by episode or topic, or join book discussion and reading groups with thousands of members.

You can participate in this community by adding your own rankings for books you've read and leaving comments for others.Occasionally, there are even bonus events like Q&A sessions with authors.

2. LibraryThings


LibraryThingsis a self-proclaimed world's largest book club.It has over 230 million members and is part cataloging/part social.

With a free account, you can add up to 200 books to your library and share with other users.But in other respects,LibraryThingsCan claim to be one of the best book review sites out there.

Naturally, there are ratings, user reviews, and tags.But be sure to click the "Times" tab at the top of the page.It contains a wealth of information, including top books by rating, by number of reviews, by author and more.

3. Book Riot


Book Riot is a blog.It publishes dozens of list articles on different topics, many of which are reviews of the best books of a certain genre.To give you an idea, some recent articles include Keeping Hope: 11 Thrilling YA Survival Stories and Best Historical Novels You've Never Heard of.

Of course, there is a lot of non-reading list stuff too.If you have a general affinity for literature,Book RiotDefinitely worth adding to your list of sites you browse every day.

4. Bookish


Bookishis a site that all book club members should know.It helps you prepare for your next meeting with discussion guides, book quizzes, and book games.There are even food and drink suggestions, as well as playlist suggestions.

But the site is more than just book club meetings.It also offers plenty of editorial content.These include author interviews, opinion pieces, book reviews and testimonials, reading challenges and giveaways.

Be sure to check the must-reads section of the site regularly for the latest book reviews.Furthermore, it goes without saying thatBookishThe people behind it are also book lovers.To see how they read, check out their employee reading article.

5. booklist


Booklist is a print magazine that also offers an online portal.All book reviews are written by trusted experts from the American Library Association.

You can see snippets of reviews for different books.However, to read them in full, you need to subscribe.The annual plan for this book review site costs $174.95 per year.

6. Fantasy Book Review


For any fan of fantasy, Fantasy Book Review should be at the top of the list.This book review site publishes reviews of children's books and adults' books.

It has a section on the top fantasy books of all time, as well as a continuously updated list of must-read books every year.You can also search for recommended books by sub-genres like Sword and Magic, Parallel Worlds, and Epic Fantasy.

7. Love Reading


LoveReading is one of the most popular book review sites in the UK, but American audiences will find it just as useful.

The site is divided into fictional and non-fictional works.In each area, it publishes Weekly Staff Picks, Book of the Month, First Release of the Month, Ebook of the Month, Audiobook of the Month, and National Bestsellers.Every book on every list has a full review that you can read for free.

Make sure you also check out their Highlights tab for book reviews of selected titles of the month.In the collection, you'll also find reading lists on topics such as World War I Literature and Green Reading.

8. kirkus


kirkusHas been involved in producing book reviews since the 1930s.This book review site looks at this week's bestsellers and provides long-form reviews for each.

As you'd expect, you'll also find dozens of "best of" lists and individual book reviews in many categories and genres.

While you're on the site, make sure you click on the Kirkus Awards section.You can view all past winners and finalists, along with accompanying reviews of their books.

9. r/books


While Reddit is a social media site, you can use it to get book reviews of famous books, or just about any other book! Reddit has a subreddit, r/books. Reddit has a subreddit, r/books, dedicated to book reviews and reading lists.

This subreddit has weekly scheduled topics on a particular topic or genre.Anyone can then give their opinion on which books are worth recommending.Several new threads are posted every day, and people discuss their latest discoveries, complete with book ratings or reviews.

You'll also find a weekly recommended topic.Recent topics include the most popular books on climate science, Aboriginal literature, and books in the desert.There are also weekly "what are you reading" discussions and frequent AMAs.

10. YouTube

When you think of the best book review sites on the web, YouTube isn't the kind of place that immediately comes to mind.

However, there are several engaging YouTube channels that often offer opinions on the books they've read.You will easily find book reviews of famous books here.

Some of the most high-profile book review YouTube channels include Better Than Food: Book Reviews, Little Book Owl, PolandBananasBooks, and Rincey Reads.

11. Amazon


Amazon is probably one of your go-to sites when you want to buy something.It's also one of the best sites to buy used books if you don't mind used books.

Now, to get a book review, just search and click on the title, then scroll down to see ratings and reviews from others who have bought the book.Here's a quick way to get a feel for the book's reviews.If you notice the words Look Inside above the cover of a book, that means you can preview the first few pages of that book too!

Whether you hear praise or criticism from other book review sites, reading samples is the most direct way to help you gauge the potential of your content and see if the author's writing style is to your taste.

Read book reviews before buying

The book review sites we discuss will appeal to different types of readers.Some people are more interested in an easy-to-interpret book rating system; others prefer extensive reviews written by seasoned professionals.

While it's easy to be tempted by flashy book covers, it's a good idea to take a quick look at book reviews before actually buying.That way, you can save your money and spend it on books that you'll be proud to display on your shelf for a long time.

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