How to monitor body composition on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

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三星Galaxy Watch 4It's a premium smartwatch that's packed with features and makes tracking your fitness routine a breeze.While it monitors common metrics like heart rate, steps, sleep patterns, and more, it's the first Samsung wearable to measure body composition.

Let's take a look at how this feature works and how you can use it to track your weight loss and fitness goals.


Why measure body composition?

Body fat is one of the major contributors to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.According to this article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, ideal body composition for men and women varies with age.This makes continuous body composition analysis a valuable tool for planning a healthier lifestyle.

So, what exactly is body composition?

Your body composition refers to the ratio of fat to muscle (or bone) mass.Galaxy Watch 4Provides real-time body composition measurement by using advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), a medical technique that measures the electrical conductivity of living tissue.

Once you're set up, the smartwatch sends a low-frequency electrical current through your wrist to your body and measures the resistance of fat and hydrated muscle tissue.The signal encounters resistance as it travels through the fatty tissue.It then determines your body fat and water levels by comparing the data points to more than 2400 values ​​in a vast health database.


To get the most accurate readings on the Galaxy Watch, you must manually enter your age, height, weight, and gender.You can also jot down these guides from Samsung to get the most out of this feature.

Body composition measures, such as visceral fat, body mass index, and skeletal muscle mass, correlate with physiological function.This can provide insight into potential risks related to your lifestyle, genetic predisposition or other conditions.For athletes, this is especially useful for analyzing and planning how much nutrition and exercise they should get.

According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, body composition is one of the most important measures of an athlete's overall fitness.For example, someone with a lot of muscle might be better at basketball and swimming than football and cycling.However, you should not use this tool if you are pregnant or have any medical device implanted in your body, such as a pacemaker.

Start taking body composition measurements on the Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 makes it easy to track your fitness goals.You can set personal goals and get tips and advice on how to improve your health, as well as view your progress towards your goals.

To get started, download and install the Samsung Health app on your smartwatch.Next, you'll need to set up your health profile, receive personalized health advice, track your exercise routine, and set nutrition and fitness goals.

Download: Samsung health for Android | iOS (free)

How to use Body Composition Analysis (BCA) on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4?

As we pointed out earlier, a body composition analysis tool is a useful tool to gain important insights into your health.Take a closer look at how to set up and use the feature:

Set your goals and reminders

This tool can help you understand how your weight and fat levels affect your metabolism, energy levels, and more.Follow these steps to set your goals and keep yourself on the right track:

1. On your smartphone, launch the Samsung Health app.

2. Go to the "Body Composition" section.

3. Click on it and select Set Target.You will now be asked to enter your weight, body fat percentage and skeletal muscle goals.

4. Please note that when setting your body composition goal, you will also need to enter your height and gender in the profile section (if you have not already done so).

5. If your input conflicts with the proposed goal, you can adjust it accordingly based on the proposed scope.

To set up notifications, scroll down to the bottom and switch to the slider button for Get Alert notifications.Choose how often you'd like to receive notifications reminding you to measure your body composition - once a day, every other day of the week, or more often, and when you'd like to be notified.





Measure body composition on your smartwatch

While BMI tests have traditionally been used to measure your weight status to indicate the presence of body fat, they're not as accurate as the BIA technology used in smart scales and advanced wearables like the Galaxy Watch 4.To get an accurate body composition reading on your smartwatch, here's what you need to do:

1. First, make sure you are wearing your watch.

2. Next, on your watch face, swipe left to access your Wear OS tile until you come across the Body Composition section.

3. Tap Measurements and select your gender.

4. Enter your height and weight, then tap OK.You might consider using a regular or smart scale to accurately measure your weight.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to adjust your watch so that it sits a little higher on your wrist.Make sure it's tied tightly.

6. Now, touch the Home and Back keys with your finger, palm facing up.Your hands should not be touching.


7. Raise your arms to chest level and away from your body.Hold still while the watch is taking a reading.

8. After about 15-20 seconds, you can view the results of your body composition reading as a quick summary.

9. To better understand your metrics, you can also visit the Body Composition section of the Samsung Health app.


This metric is useful for everyone -- especially for those who are at risk for diabetes or heart disease, because they have less muscle mass and therefore have a higher chance of developing these diseases.Knowing your body composition can help you determine if your physical performance is compromised or you are gaining too much weight.

Get an up-close look at body composition assessments

With the Galaxy Watch 4, measuring body composition is easy.This feature provides detailed information to help you find the right balance of diet and exercise to meet your goals and health goals.Also, it's simple to use and seems fairly accurate so far.

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