How to Use Game Mode on OnePlus Phones

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OnePlusPhone is a brand that doesn't usually target a specific audience, but offers a good overall value phone that excels in every way.Despite this fact,OnePlusThe phone is favored by the masses for having some of the best gaming performance in the business.

With the introduction of OxygenOS 5, OnePlus started offering some form of gaming mode to its phones.It started out as a simple game optimization plugin, was later renamed Fnatic Mode, and now just exists as a collection of game tools that can be accessed anytime while playing supported games.


Let's see how to set it up:

How to turn on Game Mode on OnePlus devices


OnePlus devices running OxygenOS 11 and later come bundled with a gaming app, and using the Game Mode feature while playing a game is useful, but not required.

The app is a great place to view any screen recordings or screenshots you take while you're playing.Additionally, you can check out in-game news and updates and interact with the OnePlus gaming community.

When launching a supported game for the first time, there should be a dialog prompting you how to access the game tools at any time.If you don't see this prompt in any game, launch the game app, navigate to Settings by tapping the vertical ellipsis icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and make sure the toggle for Game Tools is enabled.

How to access game tools in-game

The next time you launch any game, just swipe down from the top-left or top-right corner of the screen and a small menu with all the game tools will pop up.There are over a dozen tools you can use to enhance your gaming experience.

1. Performance Settings


While OnePlus flagships don't require much tweaking to deliver the best gaming performance, the company has been selling a number of budget-oriented devices that can take advantage of this option.

With just one tap, you can switch between low power, balanced and pro gamer modes.As suggested, Pro Gamer Mode prioritizes your phone's hardware, pushing as many frames as possible at the expense of higher core temperatures and increased battery drain.

Low power mode is just the opposite and is suitable for more casual gaming, or when you want to pass some time without having to worry about plugging in your phone.In our experience, Balanced mode handles most games just fine, but if you own a Nord-series phone, you can get huge benefits from using Pro Player Mode.Pairing it with Android's high-performance mode may yield the best results.

2. Game focus mode


This game focus mode works similar to Android's focus mode, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game with absolutely no distractions from any background apps.

In addition to blocking notifications and calls, Game Focus Mode disables gesture navigation and game tools, eliminating any accidental swipes while playing.The only way to exit this mode is to try accessing the game tools and clicking the exit button when prompted.

3. Touch optimization

Newer OnePlus flagships come with high touch sampling and refresh rates that may not be enabled by default.To take full advantage of your phone's hardware capabilities, you can play around with the touch and swipe sensitivity options under the touch optimization options in Game Tools.

If you have the three-finger screenshot gesture enabled, you can temporarily disable it to avoid accidentally taking screenshots while playing a game.

4. System Status

The system status toggle key is a great way to quickly view your phone's CPU and GPU usage along with a handy FPS counter.You can click on this sticky popup to shrink it and place it anywhere on the screen.

5. Screen Recorder



The greatest gaming moments happen when no one is watching.Luckily, you can record your gameplay in pretty good quality on your OnePlus device with just a swipe and a few taps.

The "Screen Recorder" tile in the game's tools menu simply uses the long-standing default screen recording service for OnePlus phones.You can use the floating record button to quickly select an input device for audio, or play around with advanced video and frame rate options in the Settings app.You can view all your records later in the OnePlus Gaming app.

6. Game Filters

Currently, a limited selection of games supports the Game Filter option, which is a convenient way to add warm, cold, or HDR effects.The night vision filter also does a good job, giving you an unfair advantage in some situations.

7. Voice Modulator

Most online multiplayer games have an in-game voice chat option, which has become quite important if you're a little competitive and looking to win the game you're playing.

Voice adjusters are a great way to not only remain anonymous when talking to strangers online, but also a very fun way to communicate.There are several voice presets, including characters like knight, giant, alien or child.

8. Other applications


This is easily one of our favorite add-ons in the arsenal of gaming tools on OnePlus phones.If you play online multiplayer games a lot, chances are you're relying on third-party communication apps like Discord or WhatsApp while playing those games.

You can launch any supported communication app from the Game Tools menu, and the app will pop up in a floating window that you can resize and move.This is a huge time saver for those who hate switching between apps just to send a text or join a voice call.

Have a rich gaming experience

Smartphones have become more and more powerful over time and have evolved into more than just utilitarian pieces of technology.With the sheer processing power enjoyed by most flagships and even budget gaming phones, the number of smartphone gamers around the world has grown significantly.

Most of these gaming tools don't necessarily improve your phone's performance, but they do offer quality-of-life improvements that make your gaming experience hassle-free and fun.

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