8 must-have Chrome extensions for web designers

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What is an absolute must-have software on your computer as a web designer?Most likely Photoshop and Illustrator.While these are the essential elements of your design workflow, there are some gadgets you might not know you need.


Best of all, you don't even need to download them -- just install these Chrome extensions and you're good to go.From identifying fonts on a page to measuring distances between web page elements, these web design Chrome extensions will make your life easier.

1. PerfectPixel


WellDoneCodePerfectPixelHelps you develop a pixel-perfect website that lets you add an image overlay to your website with just a few clicks.

You can upload pictures from your computer, URL or clipboard.Thanks to this extension, you can add multiple layers, resize images, and change opacity on your website.The extension allows customization and supports keyboard shortcuts.

It has a free and paid plan.Free should be enough for most people.However, the Pro plan is ad-free, offers priority support, and supports layer rotation for $14.99 per year. PerfectPixel by WellDoneCoode is a featured extension with over 30 downloads.

Download: PerfectPixel by WellDoneCode for Google Chrome (Free, with in-app purchases)

2. Designer Tools


Designer Tools is a handy Chrome extension that helps you create pixel-perfect designs.This extension enables you to align all elements on Chrome web pages by adding rulers and grids.Likewise, you can add an overlay to any website.

The extension is somewhat customizable as you can adjust the ruler width, font and theme.Designer Tools has a Plus version for $11.50 a year that includes features like design panels and overlays.

Download: Designer Tools for Google Chrome (Free, subscription available)

3. Ninja Fonts


With thousands of fonts available, the possibilities for your typeface design are endless.Especially if you can figure out a nice font you saw somewhere and borrow it for your own projects.

Fonts Ninja is a Chrome extension that helps you do just that.Like those tools that find fonts from images, it can help you identify fonts you see online.The only difference is that Fonts Ninja reads fonts encoded in the CSS of the page, such as header and body fonts.

When you start Fonts Ninja, it displays information about the font you're pointing to -- not just the font, but the weight, size, height, width, and color.You can use this extension to save the details of these fonts for future reference.

Download: Fonts Ninja for Google Chrome (free)

4. Screen Recorder


The screen capture extension seems redundant, as taking a screenshot on Mac is a breeze, while capturing screen on Windows is just a little more cumbersome.but,Screen RecorderThere are quite a few selling points.

Best of all, it lets you automatically capture the entire web page, not just the area you see on the screen.This is invaluable when you need to report several issues on a long page, and capturing them all requires three or four screenshots.

It has a built-in image editor that lets you make necessary modifications before downloading files or uploading to Google Drive.Screen recorder is not limited to just screenshots, the extension can easily record screen or webcam video.

Download: Screen Recorder for Google Chrome (free)

5. ColorPick Eyedropper


No matter how good your eye for color is, unless you know its RGB or HTML value, it can be difficult to reproduce a particular hue you see online.Fortunately, if you have the ColorPick Eyedropper, you don't need to guess.

Like the best eyedropper app for Mac, ColorPick Eyedropper will show you the numerical value of any color you point at.The difference is that it's always in your browser, and you don't need to upload anything - just click the icon and move the target to the correct location.

The extension reads colors from text, images, and pretty much anything you might see on a web page (even ads).Once you capture a color, it will show you its HTML, RGB and HSL values.

Download: ColorPick Eyedropper for Google Chrome (free)

6. Visual Inspector


Visual InspectorA powerful tool for web designers that combines the functionality of the first three extensions and adds more.

In the "Inspect" tab, you can select any element on the page to get all its information, from dimensions to filenames.The Colors and Typography tabs give you an overview of the color palette and all fonts at a glance, while Assets brings all the pictures on the page in one place.

After launching the extension, you can click on any element to modify it locally using the "Inspect" tab.The CSS Output tab is where you can get real-time updates to your CSS code as you make changes to your website.

Initially, these changes are saved locally, although you can export them.It also shows the mobile version of the website.

Download: Visual Inspector for Google Chrome (free)

7. Dimensions


This open source extension is a find for web designers, especially if you do one-off jobs for a small business.When a client hands you a website without any files or documentation and asks you to design "pages like this, but with different text and images", figuring out the layout is a pain.

Dimensions let you easily measure the height and width of any element on the page, as well as the margins between them.This makes it easy to recreate existing pages and double-check your own designs once they're in production.

Download: Dimensions for Google Chrome (free)

8. Muzli 2


Finally, there's one critical task you have to deal with every morning: shake off the remnants of sleep and get into the state. InVision's Muzli 2 will serve as your morning newspaper with curated articles on art, design, user experience and technology.

Muzli replaces your default Chrome tab and allows you to customize what you see there.Based on your interests, Muzli will pick feeds for you, with sites ranging from Dribble and Behance to 99designs and Creative Bloq.There's tons of inspiration to scroll through while you sip your first cup of coffee!

If you think an entire browser tab filled with design content is too tight, Muzli also has a stripped-down version.It doesn't override your default tabs, and you can always access the feed just by clicking on the extension icon.

Download: Muzli 2 for Google Chrome (free)

Get Chrome extensions for all your design tasks

The Chrome extensions on this list can't compare to your design software, but they cover all the little things about being a designer -- whether it's typography intelligence or screenshots.

Once you realize that the Chrome Web Store is full of tools, it's hard to stop adding new ones.So learn how to manage your Chrome extensions before they get out of hand.

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