How to Enable Quick Action Commands in Firefox and Edge

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Google's flagship browser has a Chrome Actions feature that enables its users to trigger browser actions by typing certain commands into the URL bar.These action commands provide convenient shortcuts for utilizing tools and changing options in Chrome.

you can find it at Mozilla FirefoxEdgeutilize similar functionality.However, the command functionality in these browsers is hidden and not automatically enabled by default.Here's how toEdgeFirefoxEnable motion commands in .


How to Enable Firefox's Built-in Quick Actions

Firefox has a Quick Action feature that you need to turn on from the browser's Advanced Preferences (about:config) tab.The Quick Action feature provides users with 14 handy Firefox commands.You can turn on this feature by following these steps:

1. Click in the website address bar in Firefox.

2. To open Advanced Preferences, enter about:config in the URL bar and hit Enter.

3. Click the Accept Risk button presented in the warning message.


4. Type browser.urlbar.quickactions.enabled and hit Enter to find the logo for the quick actions feature.

5. Click the Toggle button to the right of the browser.urlbar.quickactions.enabled setting and set the flag to "true".


6. After turning on the flag, restart Firefox.

Now you can try Fox's Quick Action feature.To do this, type > in Firefox's URL bar and press the space bar.Then you'll see Firefox's action commands in the box.


Click the box of a command with the left mouse button, or use the arrow keys to select the command to activate.For example, you can capture a snapshot of the page in Firefox by selecting "Take Screenshot".The Quick Action feature also includes a search engine of your choice.These are the command actions you can choose from in Firefox:

Open settings

Update Firefox

View add-ons

View bookmarks

clear history

open download

Open private browsing window

Refresh Firefox

Restart Firefox

View source code

Open the inspector

View login information

print pictures

Take a screenshot

How to Enable Edge's Command Palette

Microsoft Edge version 105 added a command palette.The Command Palette is not available in Edge 104 version or any below.This feature enables users to activate developer and productivity commands with a single command box.

It's currently an experimental feature in Microsoft Edge, and users need to enable it through the browser's experimental tab.You can then activate and utilize the command palette in Edge 105 as follows:

1. Type edge://flags/ in Edge's web address bar and hit Enter on your keyboard.

2. Enter Command Palette in the Logo search box.

3. Select the Enable option for Command Palette Flags in its drop-down menu.


4. Click "Restart" on the "Experiments" tab to restart Edge.


5. You can then press the Ctrl + Shift + Space hotkey in Edge to open the Command Palette.


You can see the full list of developer tools commands by typing > in the text box.Press/Up Arrow and Enter to select one of the listed commands to activate.Or click a listed action with the mouse.


The Command Palette has some handy Window, Bookmark, and Tab commands.For example, enter bookmarks in the Keywords text box.The command palette will then list these bookmark actions for you to choose from:

Favorite all tags

bookmark this page

Show bookmark manager

open bookmark

Here, you have four bookmark actions at your fingertips.If you want to save a web page, select Favorite this page.Or select Favorite All Tabs to add all open web pages to your Favorites.To view your saved favorites, click Show Bookmark Manager.


The Tab keyword is also a good word for entering a palette of commands.Entering this keyword will display nine suggested tag actions.You can then choose commands for creating, searching, moving, and reopening page tabs.

Leverage Command Controls in Firefox and Edge for Better Browsing

The Quick Actions and Command Palette features in Firefox and Edge give you new ways to take advantage of these browsers.Rather than manually finding options and tools on the menus of these browsers, you can enter and select quick commands for them.They are experimental features that enhance the keyboard functionality of Firefox and Edge.

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