How to turn off Stand Time Notifications on Apple Watch?

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The Apple Watch has a ton of health and fitness features.The most popular of these is the Activity Ring, which allows users to try to reach the number of calories burned, exercise time, and stand for at least one minute every hour.

To help you remember standing, the Apple Watch has standing time notifications.If you've been sitting for the first 50 minutes of the hour, you'll get a notification to stand up for at least one minute to earn points for the standing ring.But many people find these notifications annoying.


We'll show you how to turn off "standing time" notifications.

Two ways to turn off stand time notifications

There are two quick ways to turn off Stand Time Notifications.


The first method is to start by pressing the Digital Crown once on your Apple Watch.

Then go into settings and scroll down to Activities.Select this option and turn off Stand Reminder.In the same menu, you can also choose to turn off some other activity-related notifications, such as completing objectives, special challenges, and more.




Alternatively, you can turn off Stand Time Notifications on your iPhone.Open the companion watch app and go to the "My Watch" tab.Scroll down and select inApple WatchLike above, you can toggle off stand-up reminders and other related notifications.

It's important to note that even if standing time notifications are turned off,Apple WatchYour standing time will also continue to be recorded.

Less is more notifications on the Apple Watch

One of the great things about the Apple Watch is that there are tons of customization options, so you only see the information and notifications that are important to you.

So if you don't like "Rise time" notifications, you can disable them with just a few taps.

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