10 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch Movies Online

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The era of streaming media has arrived.In the transition from movie theaters and cable TV to the internet, a handful of paid movie streaming apps -- like Netflix and Hulu -- have become hugely popular.


However, there are also plenty of free movie apps that allow you to watch and download movies.All of these are free and legal.So, without further ado, here are the best free movie apps.

1. Tubi TV


Tubi TV has a catalog of free movies neatly categorized by genre such as horror, romance and comedy.You can also browse featured and most popular movies.As far as movies go, they are of high quality and the movie player works smoothly.

As a bonus, all movies have subtitles.Once logged in, you can add movies to your queue, which you can access on different devices, even on the web version of Tubi TV.You can also choose to take a screenshot.

Tubi is available on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, some smart TVs and the web.

2. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is ​​a free movie app with a huge collection of movies.The app presents you with a wall of free movies, categorized by category, where new arrivals are displayed.

Popcornflix also has exclusive content called Popcornflix Originals.Movie quality is good and streaming works smoothly.The movie player can be a little overwhelming, but it's feature-rich and smooth. Popcornflix also lets you stream TV series for free.

It's available on Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, major game consoles, and the web.

3. Peacock


althoughPeacockPremium subscription plans are available, but the platform also offers thousands of hours worth of content that you can watch for free.

PeacockThere are also live TV channels that you can access at no extra cost.While you have to create an account to use the service, the many shows and movies you can watch are worth it.

But be aware that not all TV shows are free. Peacock offers some free collections of the best shows, but you may need to subscribe to the service if you want to keep watching.

4. Crackle


Crackle is a free app and one of the best streaming TV services you can find. Crackle has one of the best collections of free movies, featuring old classics and new hits.

The movie player works smoothly and is easy to use.Free movies are ad-supported, so you have to watch some ads.However, the ads aren't too in the way and seem to be a fair price for what Crackle offers. Crackle also lets you watch TV shows online for free.

While Crackle was available in the US, it was closed in Canada, Australia and Latin America.

You can watch it on Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire devices, PlayStation, Xbox, and more.

5. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is another major Android and iOS app and one of the best anime streaming services.Specializing in Japanese anime movies and TV series, the app offers a mix of classic and newly released shows, as well as an acclaimed library of original content.

As of this writing, some of the shows you can watch on Crunchyroll include Dr. Stone, Tower of God, Re:ZERO, Black Clover, Food Wars, All Fire, Naruto, My Hero Academia, The Hunter and Jojo's Fantastic Adventures.

You can watch Crunchyroll for free, but there are premium services too.If you pay $8/month, you can watch new shows an hour after they air in Japan, get an ad-free viewing experience, support 6 simultaneous screens, and download movies for offline viewing.

You can watch it on Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

6. Pluto TV


Pluto TV is one of the most feature-rich free movie apps on this list.It has a simple user interface despite being packed with so many features.When you open the app, you're greeted by Pluto's Free TV Channel, with a dedicated tab for free movies and TV shows.

There are also live channels where you can watch free movies as they air, as well as various content from a range of other free TV channels.The movie player is nice and clean, and most free movies have subtitles.You can customize Pluto TV to suit your needs after logging in.

The great thing about Pluto TV is that it's a free movie streaming site with no registration requirements.You can go directly to the website and start watching any movies and shows you want.

The app is available on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and more.

7. Voodoo


If you don't know what Vudu is, you're missing out on some great content.This platform has a great collection of ad-supported free movies.The catalog is one of the largest of any free movie app, and new movies are added regularly.You can choose to watch free movies in the quality you like.

Vudu lets you browse its catalog right away, but you have to sign up to watch movies.While Vudu is focusing on its rentals, you can select the "Free" tab to see a collection of free movies.Free movies are also easy to spot, with a free ad label on them.

All major platforms are supported.

8. freevee


Formerly known as IMDb TV, Freevee is one of the top free streaming apps out there.Not only is there a database full of classic shows and movies, but Freevee also creates original shows.

Freevee has some up-to-date releases compared to other free movie apps, and Freevee's original shows include Judge Judy and Post Malone, among other big stars.

Freevee is available on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Playstation, Xbox, iOS, Android, and more.

9. plex


Plex is a free movie app that works on almost any media device.If you have it, you can use Plex on it.In addition to offering free movies and TV, you can also stream web shows, news, and podcasts.

The only obvious downside to Plex is that you have to connect your account before you can start streaming. Plex offers a very basic search engine, so you'll need to try out different titles and see what you like.To help encourage exploration, the free movies app also remembers where you left off on multiple titles, so you can easily continue watching.

The Plex app is available on all platforms.

10. The Roku Channel


Roku is one of the most famous streaming device makers, but did you know it also has its own movie channel with lots of free content, called The Roku Channel?Better yet, did you know that you don't even need a Roku device to watch?

In August 2021, Roku announced that it was also expanding the app to include regular TV channels.They include AccuWeather Now, CBC News, El Rey, IGN and Real Madrid TV.Sure, they're not premium products, but more content is never a bad thing.

Best of all, Roku Channels aren't limited to Roku devices.You can also watch on Android, iOS, streaming boxes and smart TVs.

Some free movie apps are region-restricted

It's important to remember that copyright is a big issue when it comes to movies.This means that the apps on this list are available in a limited number of countries.

If your area is not restricted, then you can easily enjoy a great movie night!

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