How to find your parked car with Google Maps

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In most cases, we can clearly remember where our car is parked.However, sometimes you may forget too, such as parking in a large parking lot, being overly busy due to negligence, etc.At this point, you can try using谷 歌 地图, as long as you save your parking location, you can easily find your car.

Once you have the Google Maps app on your Android or iPhone, you'll never forget where your car is.Currently, it is not possible to save your parking location using Google Maps on Chrome on a computer or laptop.

how to use谷 歌 地图Save and find parked cars

使用GoogleThe map saves the location of your parked car is very simple.You can also update the location manually if you forget to set it after you get out of the car.

1. After parking, open it on your phoneGooglemap.Click the crosshair icon in the lower left corner of the map to see the blue dot for your current location.


2. When you tap the blue dot, you'll see an open menu at the bottom of the screen - tap "Save Parking" to save your current location as the nearest parking spot.

3. If you moved the car and want to manually change the parking location, tap the search field in Google Maps and you will see the parking location below the field.Click the edit icon to make changes.

4. Select "More Info" to view detailed information about your current parking location.

5. Continuing to swipe the screen, you can edit details about the parking location.To change the location, tap Change location under the name of the parking location.


Here you can also add detailed notes about the parking space, such as the number or letter location of your parking, or add a photo of the parking space, and you can set a timer to remind yourself to get back to the parking space before the parking meter runs out.

6. Swipe the map with your finger to place the red marker on the parking location to change the parking location.Select "OK" when finished.

How to add stops such as temporary garages or parking lots to the map

1. To get started, use the search field in Google Maps to find your destination and select Directions to get your driving directions.

2. On the route map, select Start to initiate navigation mode.

3. Once in navigation mode, select the magnifying glass icon to search for stops to add to the route.Type "parking" and you'll see a list of parking garages or parking lots close to the route you plan to drive.Select the search icon on the on-screen keyboard to search for parking spaces along the way.

4. You will see a "P" icon indicating a parking location on the route.Scroll down to your destination on the map and select any icon in the area where you want to park.You'll see parking locations highlighted in a card at the bottom of the map.Select "Add Stop" to add a parking spot to the route.

5. Google Maps will now guide you to your chosen parking location near your destination.

When you learn these functions on Google Maps, you will no longer have to worry about finding a temporary parking lot during your trip, and you will not have to worry about how to find your car faster in a large parking lot after the game is over .





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