How to Temporarily Disable Sleep Mode in Windows 10/11

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The Windows operating system has built-in power options that can help you configure power and sleep settings for your PC.When enabled, by default Windows will go to sleep after 15-30 minutes of inactivity.However, what if you want to keep your computer awake longer?

One of the ways to do this is to change your sleep settings at the system level.However, when you want to put your computer to sleep again, you have to go through your settings and reset this option.So let's explore a few Windows apps that can keep your PC awake, but really easy to close again for a more ad-hoc experience.


1. Keep your computer awake with PowerToys

Microsoft PowerToys is a collection of tools for power users that let you do more on Windows 10 and 11.However, in this guide, we'll explore its wake-up feature.

Wake is a PowerToys feature that lets you keep your computer awake on demand.You can choose to keep your computer awake temporarily with a timer, or stay awake indefinitely.

To prevent Windows from sleeping while the program is running:

1. EnterMicrosoft's GitHubpage, download the PowerToysSetup-X64.exe file.Run the PowerToysSetup file and install the application.

2. Next, launch PowerToys and open the Wake tab in the left pane.

3. Here, toggle the switch for "Enable Wake" to turn it on.


4. Scroll down to the "Behavior" section.Here, click the drop-down menu for Mode and select Stay awake temporarily.If you choose to stay awake indefinitely, your computer will remain awake until you disable this option.

5. For Temp Mode, set the hour and minute.


6. Next, if you want to keep the screen on, toggle the switch to keep the screen on.

Now PowerToys will keep your computer awake for a specified amount of time.If you need to disable it, change the behavior mode to Keep on selected power plan.

DownloadMicrosoft PowerToys

2. Keep your computer awake during insomnia


As the name suggests, Insomnia makes it hard for your computer to fall asleep.It is a free third-party lightweight tool for temporarily disabling sleep mode in Windows.

When enabled, it calls the SetThreadExecutionState API to notify the system that it is currently in use, preventing it from going into sleep mode.

When you open the program, a pop-up window appears that says "This computer cannot go to sleep while this window is open".Minimize that window, let it continue running in the background, and your computer won't sleep.Closing this window will end the application and restore your system default power settings.

From another perspective, it doesn't have any option to keep your screen on.If you need to keep the screen on, consider using PowerToys' wake-up feature instead.


3. Use do not sleep to lock sleep and shutdown


Don't Sleep offers more power management options than PowerToys and Insomnia. Don't Sleep prevents sleep, hibernation, and keeps the screen on.Interestingly, it also helps you prevent unexpected shutdowns.

You can use Don't Sleep to configure sleep and wake options.

To use Don't Sleep:

1. Download a compatible version of the app from the official page.

2. Unzip the file and run the executable.

3. Next, open the "Don't Sleep" tab.

4. Here you can select the power options you want to block under Preferences.By default, all power options are blocked by the app.

5. In the "Timer" tab, you can specify a time for the application to block sleep.

6. You can also configure the application to stop blocking based on your system's battery, CPU and network parameters.

7. Select the "Disable" option in the upper right corner to disable the application.

Don't Sleep also has some additional features in the toolbar.For example, click the Display option and select Turn off display to turn off your display.

DownloadDon't sleep

Temporarily Disable Sleep Mode in Windows 10/11

Not all programs can suppress your Windows computer's default sleep behavior.So, if sleep mode disrupts your workflow, you can use these third-party tools to keep your PC awake for a specified amount of time.

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