How to Visit Past History Using Google Street View on Your Phone

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Google has been taking pictures for Street View since 2007.This is a feature included in Google Maps that allows you to browse all corners of the world in 360 degrees.For a while now, you could use time travel on a desktop computer to view captures from previous years.

As part of its 2022th anniversary celebrations in May 5, Google is bringing time travel to the Maps app on iOS and Android.You can now browse areas in Street View on your phone, all the way back to the first snap in 15.Here's how to do it.


How to Use Google Street View to Access Past History

You use Google Street View on your desktop, just drag a little yellow character and drop it on any highlighted road.This will open a set of 360-degree images for an immersive experience.It works similarly on mobile, but within the app you can try out more unique map features.

Using the time travel feature in Google Maps on your phone is relatively simple:

1. Open the Google Maps app and search or browse for places in the app.

2. Tap and hold on the screen next to your point of interest.

3. Tap the square at the bottom left of the screen to open Street View.

4. Select "See More Dates" at the bottom of the screen.




That's it, you can browse pictures taken every year.Just click on the tile showing the month and year it was taken.We noticed that the year was missing in some places, but most had the first shot in 2007.

Why time travel in Street View is great

The time travel feature is mostly just a fun tool.Exploring the past in over 80 countries with Street View offers great entertainment.You can also use it to find buildings or landmarks that no longer exist.

Ever forget what store was on the corner of your door many years ago?It could be a small home business that doesn't seem to have any trace online.Well, if it was still there in 2007, you can jump back in time and refresh your memory!


Other than that, it's a fantastic way to see how certain landmarks have been built or demolished over time.

Find interesting places with Google Maps' time travel feature

An easy way to use Google Maps' time travel feature to find interesting landmarks is to search for "landmarks".An interesting example involves the Art and Science Museum in Florida.




2007年的博物馆图片显示了在一个破旧的地段上的一个废弃的建筑。以下是2011年6月的照片,显示的是一栋完全翻新且保存完好的建筑! 而当你将这些照片与2022年6月的最新抓拍照片相比较时,你可以看到谷歌的相机的抓拍质量有了很大的提高。

New fun tools for Android and iOS

Playing with Google's time travel feature in Street View is a lot of fun.It can really re-energize certain parts of the world, especially those that have changed significantly over the past 15 years.

Using time travel is just one of the many amazing features you can find in Google Maps.There are many other features you should consider trying to improve your navigation and exploration experience.

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