How to maximize the charging speed of your Samsung phone with the Bixby program

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Smartphones today support faster and faster charging, but some brands are prioritizing it more than others.We've seen some Android phones charge faster than 120W, however Samsung only allows 22W on its S45 Ultra, while the mid-range Galaxy A series is limited to 25W.

While this is not very slow, atBixby routinesWith the help of , you have a way to maximize the charging speed of your Samsung phone.Once set up, your phone will detect if it's plugged in and automatically do everything it's supposed to do to speed up charging.Exciting, right?Let's see how to do this.


How to maximize your charging speed with the Bixby routine

The way to increase charging speed is to simply put less stress on the battery, and the quickest way is to (temporarily) stop what is draining power.You can do this automatically with Bixby routines.

1. Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Bixby Routines > Add Routine.

2. Tap the If panel, and then tap Charging Status > Charging > Done.This allows Bixby to detect when your phone is charging so it can perform actions without your having to do it manually.

3. Click the "Then" panel and enable these actions from the following menus:

Connectivity: Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, mobile data and mobile hotspot; turn on airplane mode

Display: Turn on dark mode, turn off edge panels, set screen timeout to 15 seconds, and set motion smoothness to standard (60 Hz)

Position: closed position

Accounts and Backups: Turn off automatic sync

Battery: Turn on power saving

4. Click "Next", then give the program a name, and choose its icon and color.Click "Finish" to finish.




Your routine is now set up.Go ahead and plug in your phone.After a while, when you unplug the charger and the routine ends, Bixby will reverse all of this so you can resume using your phone normally.

To be clear, this trick doesn't guarantee significantly faster charging.But if all conditions are ideal, it should take at least five minutes off a full charge.While that's not a lot, keep in mind that those five minutes saved will add up with each charging session.

protect your battery

Factors such as the age of your phone, the efficiency of its processor and temperature can also affect charging speed.Make sure to avoid wireless charging as it's super inefficient, and try not to fully charge your device as this will speed up battery degradation.


To mitigate this degradation and keep your battery healthy for longer, consider opening the protective battery.The battery protection feature limits charging to 85%.To enable it, go to Settings > Battery & Device Maintenance > Battery > More Battery Settings and turn on Protect Battery.

Boost your Samsung phone's charging speed

Fast charging is very convenient, but if your phone is running a demanding program and draining the battery in the meantime, you can't get the most out of it.Of course, it's most efficient to power off the device while it's charging, but it's not convenient.

HaveBixby routines, you can set your device to automatically close running programs when you plug in your phone.The less work your phone does while charging, the cooler it will be and the faster it will be able to accept and sustain a charge.

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