Which Apple Music plan is right for you?

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Apple Music is one of the best music streaming platforms out there.It offers a variety of streaming plans, so if you want to switch to Apple Music, you'll want to make sure you go for the option that suits your needs.

In this post, we'll take a look at the different plans Apple Music offers and their features, then conclude with a guide on how you should choose the plan that's best for you.


What are the different Apple Music plans?

Apple MusicFour subscription plans are available.Apple Music Student, Voice, Individual and Family.Each plan has unique features and pricing.Below is a breakdown of each plan.

Apple Music Student

This program is only for college students.It provides access to over 9000 million songs across the entire Apple Music catalog.It enables you to download music for offline listening and to be able to listen on different devices.In addition to millions of songs, you can also access more than 3 playlists on the platform, as well as live broadcasts.

Apple Music Student also lets you watch music videos in the app, view lyrics, create playlists, and see what your friends are listening to.Just as importantly, the plan offers an ad-free listening experience with support for lossless audio and spatial audio for Dolby Atmos, which are handy when you want to listen to your music at the best possible quality.Apple Music's student plan costs $5.99/month.

Apple Music Voice


This is the cheapest Apple Music subscription plan.It's a voice-only plan that includes access to the entire Apple Music catalog for $4.99/mo.Unlike other traditional music streaming plans, the pple Music Voice plan only lets you play music using Siri commands, like "Hey Siri, play Silk Sonic's Leave The Door Open."

What's the biggest caveat?You can only use the plan on Apple devices, which means you can't access Apple Music Voice on non-Apple operating systems like Android and Windows.

The plan also has other limitations.You can't download music for offline listening, create playlists, view song lyrics, or even watch music videos.Plus, it doesn't support Dolby Atmos, spatial audio, or lossless audio, all of which are available on all other Apple Music plans.To make matters worse, it doesn't have a library, which means you have to specify everything in voice commands.

Also, the Apple Music app only gives you limited functionality.You can access the "Listen Now," "Radio," and "Search" tabs, but if you want to play a song, album, or playlist, you'll have to use Siri.

Apple Music Personal

This is the standard Apple Music subscription plan.The personal plan costs $9.99/month.It includes everything you get on the student plan, like lossless audio for the entire Apple Music catalog, radio stations on demand, and the ability to curate playlists, download music, play it on different devices, and an ad-free listening experience.

Apple Music Family

The Apple Music Family Plan costs $14.99/month.Similar to the Individual Plan, the Family Plan has all the features found in the Student Plan.However, the main difference between the Apple Music Family Plan and the Apple Music Personal and Apple Music Student plans is that it supports up to six people on a single package.Each account has personalized playlists and recommendations, as well as a unique music library.

Can you use Apple Music for free?


It's common for music streaming platforms to offer a free tier to attract new users, so questions like "Does Apple Music offer a free tier?" are common.Sadly, unlike some competitors, Apple doesn't have a free plan.To make up for this, Apple offers free trials on all plans.You can try it out and cancel your Apple Music subscription before it expires.

How to choose the right Apple Music plan for your needs

It's good to have multiple options on Apple Music, but the problem is you don't know which one to choose without doing the proper research.In the beginning, if you are a student, you should choose Apple Music Student.It offers all the benefits of an individual plan at a lower price.While the Apple Sound of Music is cheap, its limited features make the dollar savings not worth it.

If you're not a student, an individual plan might seem expensive, but it's still much better than a voice-only plan.You should only pay for Apple Music Voice if you don't care about streaming high-quality music, viewing lyrics, streaming offline, and curating playlists, but prefer to use voice commands to play music, and own an Apple device.

If you have a family, the Apple Music family is worth the money.Using a single subscription saves $44.95/month versus six people each paying for an individual plan.

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