How to download Paramount+ content for offline viewing

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With its March 2021 launch, Paramount+ replaces CBS All Access, giving subscribers a better platform to enjoy great new content while enjoying the content they already know and love Original content.

Paramount +Offers over 30,000 episodes, many of which are available for download and offline viewing.In this article we will explain how to downloadParamount +offline viewing of content, who can do so, and some of the issues you may encounter while doing so.


How to Download Paramount+ Content

downloadParamount +Offline viewing of content is a simple process.First, download the latest version of the Paramount+ app onto the device you wish to watch the content on.

Once you are logged into your account, you can download content in one of two ways.You can simply click on the show you want to download, find the download arrow, and click on it to start the download.



Another option is to select the "More" button at the bottom right of the screen.Next, select Download.


This page will display any downloaded content on your device.To download new content, select the button in the middle of this page that says Browse Available Videos.


This will take you to a list of all the shows available for download from Paramount+.Here, you can do it the same way as option one.


Select the movie or show you want, then click the download arrow to start the download.

The time it takes to download content to your device will depend on the length of the show or movie you choose and the strength and speed of your internet connection.You can download multiple shows at once, but how many shows you download at the same time can also affect your download speed.

Once fully downloaded, the selected content will appear on your download page and can be viewed offline by selecting the title on your account's download page.

Note that while you can navigate away from the download page in the Paramount+ app, any downloads will stop if you quit the app completely.

Who can download content on Paramount+?

While downloading content is one reason you should subscribe to Paramount+, not every plan offers this feature. Paramount+ offers two subscription plans: Elite and Premium, which cost $4.99/month and $9.99/month, respectively.The annual fee for the Elite Edition is $49.99/year and the Premium Edition is $99.99/year for savings.

Unfortunately, only Paramount+ premium users can download content for offline viewing.While Elite Edition users cannot download content, they can still upgrade their membership by visiting the Paramount+ website on a web browser.You cannot upgrade your plan through the Paramount+ app.


Additionally, advanced users will need an iPhone with iOS 13 or later, or an Android device with OS 5 or later.If your device has an older OS, you won't be able to download anything, so be sure to check your device's OS to avoid download issues.

What Paramount+ content is available for download?


Paramount+ is one of the best streaming services, offering great classic content to watch and download.While you can watch most of Paramount's original shows and old favorites offline, not everything is available for download.

If a show or movie doesn't have a down arrow, it means the title was not available for download at the time.

Paramount + download limit


Downloads on Paramount+ will remain on your device for 30 days, or until you manually delete them from the list.If you start watching a downloaded title and don't finish the content within 48 hours, it will be removed from your download library.You can download the title again; however, the app will not save where you left off.

The streaming service allows up to 25 downloads per device and limits how many times you can download the same title across all devices.It allows each account to download up to 5 titles at the same time.

How to fix download issues on Paramount+

The most common problems users encounter when trying to download content from Paramount+ stem from outdated operating systems.

If you're having trouble downloading content and are an advanced user, check that you're using a device running at least iOS 13 or Android OS 5.If you continue to experience issues, try updating your Paramount+ app.

If you get an "insufficient storage" notification when trying to download content, the download will not be successful.In this case, you've exceeded your device's download storage.

To fix this, you have to delete anything from your device to make room for a new show or movie.You can do this by removing titles from other Paramount+ downloads or by removing content from other apps within the device such as photos or videos.

If you want to delete a downloaded title from the Paramount+ app's library, go to More > Downloads and find the title you want to delete.Then, swipe left on that title.Next, select the delete icon.

Watch content offline with Paramount+

Ultimately, Paramount+ is a great resource for those looking to download content for offline viewing.Its user-friendly app offers classics, fan-favorites, and originals for streaming or download.While not for every show and movie, chances are you'll find something you want to watch later without draining your data.

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