How to Disable Visual Search in Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft EdgeAllows users to search for images directly instead of text searches on Bing.You can search for images to find similar images on the web by clicking the square icon at the top right of the image in your browser, or by right-clicking the image and selecting the visual search option.

However, the icon at the top right of the image might get in your way.For example, if you frequently take screenshots of images from the web, you may find that whenever you hover your cursor over an image, it will display the icon for visual search, which will also appear in the screenshot.

Fortunately, turning off visual search is easy.Next, we'll show you how to turn off the feature.


How to completely disable visual search in Edge

If you're wondering why we say "completely", it's because this approach effectively disables the visual search will no longer be able toMicrosoft Edgeuse this function.If you only want to disable visual search for selected sites, skip to the next section.

You can disable visual search from Microsoft Edge settings.You can navigate to the Visual Search settings in Microsoft Edge in two ways:

1. Hover your cursor over an image.When the visual search icon appears, select the ellipsis, then click Settings.


2. Select the ellipsis at the top right of Microsoft Edge and select Settings.Select Appearance from the left sidebar.Then, click Visual Search from the right pane.


Disable the options named "Show visual search in context menu" and "Show visual search on image hover" by turning off the buttons to the right of them.

This will disable visual search.You will no longer be able to search for images using the visual search feature on Edge via both methods (context menu or image hover).

How to disable Edge's visual search for certain websites?

The visual search icon can be a bit annoying if you don't use the feature often, but you may still find it useful in some situations.For example, when you're shopping online, you might want to do a search on a specific product to see what's out there.

You can disable visual search not for all sites, but only for the ones you use the most, so that the visual search icon doesn't bother you anymore.For example, you might want to disable visual search on Facebook or other social media sites.

Fortunately, Microsoft Edge has a built-in feature to exclude specific websites from using the visual search feature.

To add exclusions, you need to navigate to the visual search settings.As mentioned in the previous section, there are two ways to navigate to the visual search settings.Let's say you click the ellipsis under the visual search icon and choose Settings.

Once you're in Visual Search settings, scroll to the bottom and look for an option called Visual Search Turn Off These Sites.Select the "Add" button next to that option.


You will see a popup window.Enter the URL of the site you want to exclude from using visual search, then click Add.Keep adding more sites to the list based on your preferences.


When you're done, go to one of the sites you've added to the list.You should no longer see the visual search option.

Disable Visual Search in Microsoft Edge

After disabling visual search in Edge, you'll have a cleaner experience if the feature bothers you.However, for those who need to do frequent image searches, visual search is really a useful feature, so you can always turn it back on.

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