How to Record, Send and Save Animoji on iPhone

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With the exception of the iPhone SE series, every iPhone since the iPhone X has come with Face ID.One thing these Face ID sensors can do is map your face to an emoji, which Apple callsAnimoji.


Let's take a closer look at the iPhoneAnimojiWhat exactly is it, how to send Animoji in the Messages app, and what Animoji options are in third-party apps.

What is Animoji on iPhone?


Animoji is an animated emoji, only the animation is recorded with your own face.Essentially, it's a glorified Snapchat filter, but with more potential.

Apple uses its Face ID scanner to detect the movement of more than 50 facial muscles, including head tilt, nodding and mouth movements.It accurately captures you blinking, frowning, or trying different smirks in front of your iPhone.

When you record Animoji, you also record audio, so you can talk, sing, or growl like it if you want.So people often use Animoji to pull an emoji and use it as an iMessage sticker for a funny conversation.

To use Animoji, you'll need to have an iPhone with a Truth Depth camera (aka the one used for Face ID), or have your iPhone updated to iOS 13 or later.If your recipient has an Android device and doesn't have iMessage, you can still send them Animoji as an image or video.

What Animoji options are available for iPhone?

Just like emoji, Apple occasionally adds new Animoji to iPhones through iOS updates.As of this writing, the iPhone has over 20 Animoji at your disposal.While your iPhone doesn't categorize them explicitly, the general types of Animoji are:

1. Animals, such as mice, cats, bears, sharks, etc.

2. Mythical creatures such as unicorns and dragons.

3. Supernatural creatures such as ghosts and aliens.

4. Random objects, such as the iconic poo.

How to send Animoji in Messages?

Your iPhone's Messages app is where you can access all of Animoji's options.First, open the Messages app and start chatting.Next, tap the App Store icon above the keyboard to launch the iMessage app interface and look for the Memoji icon with the camera focus symbol, as shown below:


Swipe left to browse the available Animoji options.In order for your iPhone to detect your expressions, remember to hold your device in front of your face.

If you swipe right on the first Animoji, you may notice a new Memoji button pops up. Memoji functions in much the same way as Animoji.The difference is that you can customize it to mimic your look.

Now for the fun part: sending your Animoji.Let's take a look at the different ways you can send Animoji in a message.

Send a static Animoji

Assuming you're happy to make a silly face on your iPhone in front of strangers on the train, the first option is to use the emoji mapping feature to send a unique static sticker.To do this, just swipe to your favorite Animoji, pull a face, and tap it to upload your character to your info window.



Another option is to use ready-made Animoji stickers.In the list of iMessage apps, select the Stickers button (the icon shows a Memoji with a heart in it).Then, choose your favorite Animoji to see the stickers available.This is the only option available if your iPhone doesn't have a true depth sensor.

Click on the sticker to upload it as an image to the info window.Alternatively, long tap and hold the sticker, then drag it into the conversation to stick it in a specific place.You can also pinch to zoom in or out of the sticker.

Record Animoji Videos

When you're ready, you can hit the red record button to capture up to 30 seconds of animation.When you're happy with your Animoji (remember, the sound is also recorded), click the upload icon (blue arrow) and wait for the upload to complete and send.




Can you use Animoji outside of Messages?

One of Animoji's biggest drawbacks is that the feature tends to exist within the confines of the Messages app and other default Apple apps.

For example, you can appear as Animoji on FaceTime, but if you want to use Animoji in a third-party messaging app, your options will be limited to Animoji stickers.You also can't send Animoji videos unless you pass a workaround.

But let's do it with what we currently have.Here's how to use Animoji outside of the iPhone's Messages app.

How to Send Animoji Stickers in Third-Party Apps

In apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, tap the Emoji button on your iPhone's keyboard.Scroll left to see Memojis and Animojis you use frequently.To access all your stickers, click the ellipsis (...) icon.To send a sticker, just tap it.

Note that you can't pinch to change the size of stickers outside of the Messages app.



How to Send Animoji Videos in Third-Party Apps

To save an animation to your iPhone, you must first send it to someone else.There is no option to simply record and save to a photo.One way to fix this is to send the Animoji to yourself.Just start a new message subject, enter your own number or email address, and send your message.

When the message is sent and you receive it, tap the download icon next to the Animoji to save it to the Photos app.If you don't see the download icon, you can long press on the Animoji and choose save.

If you want to send the animation to Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else, go to the Photos app, select the photo, and hit the share button.Then use the appropriate extension in the Share page to send it to your intended recipients.




Have fun and express yourself with Animoji

Who says you need to always take advantage of cutting-edge technology to increase productivity? Animoji is an example, you can simply use it for fun too!Laugh viciously like a skeleton, hug your inner unicorn, or just a talking poo to annoy your friends.With Animoji and Memoji, you can transform into a cartoon version of yourself at any time.

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