One UI 4: The 9 Best Features of Samsung Galaxy Phones

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SamsungOne UI 4The skin is based on Android 12.One UI 4Instead of a full UI overhaul, it builds on previous iterations of the skin and introduces several new features.It also neatly incorporates elements of Google's new Material You design.With One UI 4, Samsung brings all the goodness of Android 12 to your Galaxy phone, plus it's own.

Below are all the major One UI 4 new features that you can enjoy on your Samsung Galaxy phone.


1. New system animation and dynamic theme design

Samsung has revised the system animations in One UI 4 to be more fluid and coherent, and to better utilize the high refresh rate displays on newer Galaxy devices, providing a smoother user experience.There's also a new charging animation when you plug in the device.

Samsung has adopted a dynamic theme design based on Material You in One UI 4, but has its own ideas.This means that system UI elements and Samsung's apps will use a color palette based on the phone's wallpaper.Plus, you can choose from four other automatic color schemes.

2. Updated widgets



Samsung's stock widgets have been redesigned in One UI 4 to match the new Android 12 style.This gives them a sleeker look and rounded corners.Some gadgets also show more data, but that's all, they don't get any new features.

If you've ditched your gadgets before, or were just too lazy to use them, the new polished look will give you more than enough reason to use them.

The One UI launcher also gets minor usability improvements and allows you to use third-party icon packs via the Good Lock module Home Up.Additionally, dark mode support has been extended to app icons on the home screen and app drawer.

The South Korean giant has further improved the widget implementation by adding smart widget support in One UI 4.1.This allows you to stack multiple widgets together.

3. Redesigned Quick Settings Panel



The Quick Settings panel has been redesigned again in One UI 4.Icons are now more compact, and the brightness slider has been made thicker for easier control. The style of notification grouping in One UI 4 has also changed to be more compact.

4. Improved system apps

As part of One UI 4, some system apps have been upgraded and enhanced.For example, the Weather app got a complete makeover, with new animations.

The Samsung keyboard has also been improved, allowing you to directly add emojis, GIFs and stickers with just one tap.Additionally, you can create custom emojis by mixing two different emojis and making them animated.The built-in grammar checker is now provided by Grammarly to fix your typos.

5. Customizable share menu



The share menu gets a handy upgrade in One UI 4, and you can customize the order in which items are displayed.Additionally, you can add apps or contacts to the Favorites bar in the share menu so you can quickly share data with them.

6. Privacy Improvements



Samsung included all the new Android 4 privacy features in One UI 12.When you first open an app, you'll be prompted to allow notifications from it.Any apps you install can't send you notifications unless you do this.

Another notable change in Android 12 is the ability to share your approximate location with apps.Whenever an app asks you for your location, you can choose to share your exact or approximate location with it.

There are also tiles in the quick settings panel that let you completely disable camera and microphone access with just one click.A green light also appears on the status bar whenever an app accesses the camera or microphone.

In One UI 15, you'll get a prompt whenever an app accesses the clipboard content on your device, according to iOS 4.

7. Equipment maintenance



The battery and device maintenance menu has been completely revamped in One UI 4, although it shows the same details as before, just in a newer way.The "Optimize Now" button is at the top and shows your phone's current optimization status. Below this, you'll find options to jump to the battery, storage, or memory menus.

A new addition to this settings page is the Software Update and Diagnostics submenu, the latter of which lets you run various tests to see if your phone is working properly.

8. Galaxy S21 eSIM support in the US

The Galaxy S21 series has supported eSIM since its release, but for some reason the feature isn't available on the US version. The One UI 4 update brings eSIM support to the unlocked, T-Mobile, and Verizon versions of the Galaxy S21 in the US.

9. Camera app enhancements


The camera app has also received some enhancements in One UI 4.First, it shows the zoom number on the relevant button, rather than an icon, so you know how much zoom you have to apply before taking a photo.

You can also start recording a video seamlessly from the camera app's photo mode by simply dragging the shutter button to the top and locking it there.

One UI 4 focuses on usability improvements

One UI 4 may not seem like a major update on the surface, but it does bring some notable usability improvements.Privacy improvements are always welcome and will help keep your data safe from shady apps.

In addition to adding new features to its skin, Samsung has also been quick to roll it out to its devices.The company has released the Android 2021-based One UI 11 update for its entire portfolio, including low-end and mid-range devices, in just a few months starting in November 12.

And as a follow-up, Samsung rolled out One UI 2022 with several new features to its devices in the first quarter of 4.1.It includes new options like RAM Plus, an improved pro mode in the camera app, and more.



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