How to claim rewards and extras with Prime Gaming

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Prime gamingIncluded in Amazon Prime, offers exclusive game content, in-game rewards, and more.

If you've already paid your Prime membership and are a PC gamer, you'll be able to get these benefits at no extra cost.


what isPrime gaming?

Prime Gaming is similar to platforms like Epic Games, and if you sign up for Amazon Prime, you can claim free games and in-game content.

Some games (like StarCraft: Remastered) will require a game launcher ( in this case), while others will use Amazon Games Application download.

However, in addition to offering free games, Prime Gaming has several benefits.Each month, you can subscribe to partner or affiliate Twitch channels in exchange for exclusive subscriber benefits specific to those channels.This includes chat permissions, emojis, badges, and more.For example, speaking in a chat on a Twitch channel - Prime Gaming members can be easily identified by the crown icon next to their username.

Don't worry if Twitch isn't your thing, as there are plenty of in-game items you can claim if you're a Prime Gaming member.This includes item and weapon skins, loot chests, currency, subscriptions, and more.

How to claim games and rewards

Applying for free games and rewards is easy; you canPrime Gaming websiteYou can also download the Amazon Gaming app.Downloading the app is recommended as you can keep track of your game library and see which games are available for installation.However, only Amazon Games titles will show up in the app.Games that require a different launcher to play will not appear in the app.

To claim a free game, click on the Games with Prime option under Prime Gaming in the app, or click on a game on the Prime Gaming website.Here, you will be able to see a list of free games that you can claim and download.


Just click Claim to ensure your free game is added to your library.You don't need to install it right away, just make sure to claim it before the offer ends.You can see when you have to claim a game by checking the end date within X days on the Prime Gaming website or the expiration date on the app.


To claim free in-game content through Prime Gaming, you need to navigate to the website and select in-game content.This option is not available in the app, but if you encounter content through the Amazon Games app, it will open your browser and open the website.

Once you claim a game or in-game content, it remains in your Prime Gaming library.

How much is Prime Gaming?


Prime games are free with Amazon Prime.You can't subscribe to it separately without being a Prime member.

Amazon's paid subscription service currently costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year.With a membership, you can enjoy same-day, one-day, or two-day delivery on items through Amazon, and you can subscribe to any channel in Amazon Prime's vast list of channels.

Prime Gaming is one of the benefits of Amazon Prime, so if you want to subscribe for that reason alone, it will cost you the same amount as a Prime membership.

Can you cancel and keep your rewards and games?

If you cancel your Prime membership, you may be wondering if you can keep your downloaded games and in-game content.

The good news is that you can download and play any of the games you've previously claimed with Prime.This does mean that after you cancel, you won't be able to request any new content or games, but you can keep everything you requested before.

Prime rewards its members

Signing up for Amazon Prime is just for Prime Gaming, and unless there's a lot of gaming content that appeals to you, the $14.99 monthly fee probably isn't worth it.

The few free games available to claim aren't AAA titles, but if you already have a Prime membership, it's definitely a huge benefit and worth exploring Prime Gaming.


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