How to use your Android phone as a gamepad to play PC games

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Playing video games with an effective control system always helps to improve your experience.While PC games are traditionally controlled with a keyboard and mouse, some games are better played with a gamepad.

If you don't have a controller, don't worry.We'll show you how to turn your Android phone into a gamepad.


Why use an Android phone as a gamepad?

Using your Android phone as a desktop video game controller can improve your gaming experience.Here are a few reasons for its benefits:

1. It provides touch control

2. It allows you to use sensors like gyroscope and accelerometer to improve control.

3. You can choose among four pairing modes

4. It gives you fully customized control

5. It can save you money

How to turn your Android phone into a gamepad

In order to connect your phone to your computer, you need to install two apps.You need to install on your Windows computerPC Remote Receiver, install the companion app on your Android phonePC Remote.They're all free, or you can pay to remove ads and unlock higher-quality streaming and other features.

Launch the app after installation and make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.Now follow these steps on your phone:

1. Tap the "Connect" option on the main screen.

2. If your desktop and mobile are on the same network, you can see your computer in the Local Computers section.

3. Click on your computer name and the two devices will connect.




Connect with a USB cable

1. Launch the app on both your devices and plug your phone into the computer via a USB cable.

2. Open the app on your phone and tap Connect.

3. Click on the USB icon and it will ask you to enable the USB connection.

4. Enable the USB connection from the phone's settings and the connection is successful.




Connect using Bluetooth

1. Turn on Bluetooth on both your computer and phone, and open the app on both devices.

2. On the mobile app, tap the Connect button and select the Bluetooth mode.

3. Now, you can see the list of available devices on your phone.Click the name on the desktop, and the phone can be used as a gamepad.



Connect using a QR code

1. Open the application on your computer and tap the Generate QR code option on the main screen.

2. Once the QR code is available on your screen, go to the mobile app and tap the connect option.

3. In pairing selection mode, tap Connect to PC and turn on the QR scanner on the app.

4. Now scan the QR code and the phone and computer should be connected.




Choose a controller layout

After successfully connecting your Android phone and computer, you can start the game.Now visit the Layouts section of the Android app and select the layout you want by tapping the name of the game you want to play.Once selected, launch the game on your desktop.

If you're playing a game that doesn't have a layout, then you can choose the layout for the Xbox 360 controller, as it will work with most game titles.Additionally, you can customize your controller by clicking the gamepad icon on the top left in the layout menu.

At the top right of the layout menu, you can see a "+" button that you can use to create a new portrait or landscape layout, or import a custom layout from your phone storage.




Enhance your gaming experience by using your Android phone as a gamepad

With your Android phone working like a controller, you can enjoy the tilt controls of racing or driving games like Forza Horizon 5.To use your phone as a gamepad, you just need to install the app on both devices and pair them with your preferred method.

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