What is Kagi Search and what can you do with it?

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Many have expressed concerns around online privacy and data use.As a result, we have seen a significant increase in the number of privacy-oriented search engines available to users.

kagiIt is one of these privacy-conscious search engines.But what is it and how does it compare to the competition?Let's find out.

what iskagisearch engine?


The search engine industry is a highly competitive market.We've already seen another search engine take on Google with DuckDuckGo, and there are more and more search engines that can find content that Google can't.

So, what makes Kagi different?Well, mostly, it's a full premium model -- there's a monthly and an annual model.This means the search engine can live up to its ad-free promise with zero user tracking.

If that wasn't enough to make your jaw drop, read on to find out more about Kagi's attempt to change the game.

How is Kagi different from Google?


In many ways, Kagi is similar to Google.They're all lightning-fast and have striking minimalist designs.

The core difference comes from what was mentioned above.Premium mode allows Kagi to get rid of ads and build its search engine in an objective way.

For many users, the first step in using Google is to disable personalized ads.This simplifies your search results somewhat, but a major criticism of Google is that search results are simply too personal.If you browse in incognito mode, you will often find that you see something different than the non-incognito version.

Kagi has a wide selection of non-commercial indexing and user-controlled personalization.This search engine focuses on getting ideal results quickly for your query.

Rather than saying that Kagi is a free service, it's designed to be a premium product.When you buy it, you can enjoy a refined search engine experience.But how exactly does Kagi provide this refined search engine experience?

Key Features of Kagi

Let's take a look at the main tools that attract users to Kagi.

1. Lenses

Kagi strives to bring users powerful tools to refine their search results. Lenses are one of the easiest tools to understand, and probably the most useful.

With Lenses, you can filter your search results by a specific topic.Programming and news are two such examples; you can even search PDF files directly.

This is a novel feature.Other search engines achieve similar results, but Kagi goes one step further and allows you to create your own Lenses.

An extension of Lenses' functionality is the ability to quickly switch your search area.You can search for results from your own country and further afield.You may find this feature especially useful if you're working on research projects and homework assignments.

2. Discussion

Kagi will prioritize organic internet discussions in your search results.Using the aforementioned Lenses, you can have Kagi only provide discussions from forum posts and other discussion sites.

With discussion tools, you can really filter out that junk and find people who are really talking about relevant topics.

3. Improve search results

Kagi has a collection of smaller general-purpose tools that allow you to tweak the different websites you personally want to see in the results.

Ranking is one of these tools that allows you to add a soft preference to prioritize a site in your searches.Of course, you can also delete these sites entirely, or make sure you see them every time.

Kagi will also automatically categorize different results, a feature that is also customizable. Kagi generally groups business articles together while leaving room for more organic results.

Of course, Kagi also uses traditional search tools. DuckDuckGo's famous Bangs feature appears in Kagi's toolset.

4. Appearance customization

While it may not have the biggest impact on your search results, a robust, customizable interface is a big help for your late-night research eyes.

Not only does Kagi have the basic features you'd expect, like dark mode and font customization, it even has a custom CSS editor that allows up to 10,000 characters in scripts.

What is CSS and how does it work in your search engine experience?Well, this custom CSS editor has the potential to make Kagi look like anything you want.So if you don't like the design, you can change things up a bit.

Should you use Kagi?


Kagi is a very powerful product.Its potential for effective research is unmatched, and the telemetry-free nature of its design will give any privacy-concerned user peace of mind.

Since there is a plethora of personalization services here, which are entirely up to the user, Kagi should not be easily ignored.

However, the high-end model is a real sting, and its pricing model isn't cheap for a search engine.You can't buy a lifetime license, which means your only option is to opt for an ongoing subscription service.Over time, the price will get higher and higher.

Kagi does allow a certain amount of free searches each month, which at least lets you try out the service.If you're a student, invested in any kind of research, or just generally don't like other search engines, it's at least worth a look.

If you're not any of the above, you may find it difficult to justify a subscription to Kagi.

More browsers, more choices

Kagi may not be ready to knock Google off its throne, but it's a powerful browser for private search, even if you pay for it.Search engines are an important tool in our lives, and it's important to have a good choice.

If you think you might get some help from Kagi, it's worth at least trying it out.

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