How to Free Up Your Samsung Phone's Storage Space

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If your Samsung phone is running low on storage, you can use a built-in feature called "Storage Booster" to help free up device memory.Let's see how to use it.We'll also see how you can manually clear storage on your Samsung phone for a more in-depth cleanup.


Free up storage space automatically with Samsung Storage Booster

Using a storage booster is very easy.Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings > Battery & Device Maintenance.

2. Tap the three-dot menu, select Storage Accelerator, and then tap FREE UP.This will do three things: remove duplicate images (if you have any), compress (zip) apps you rarely use, and delete saved APK files.You can also deselect categories you don't want to be affected, or go into a category and select individual items to delete or compact.




You can also use Storage Booster to move some of your apps to the SD card to free up more space on your internal storage.Click Move Apps to SD Card and select the apps you want to move.After doing so, you may receive a disclaimer, click confirm to continue.

Note that this feature does not exist on Samsung phones without an SD card slot.Even if your phone has it, moving apps to the SD card can sometimes result in data loss.So before you go any further, create a backup of all important content stored in the app you're moving.

If you're moving a game, see if there's an option to log into your Google or Facebook account to back up your progress.There are so many stories of people losing all their game progress this way and having to start over.

Finally, you can use Storage Booster to automatically delete cached files, empty folders, and stored ad data from your phone at scheduled times.Turn on "Automatically delete unnecessary data" and tap the same menu to set how often you want it done; choose from midnight every day, every week, every 15 days, or every month.You can also be notified when deletions occur.

Some Samsung users have complained that Storage Booster sometimes automatically deletes app data that was not meant to be deleted.That's why, if the same thing starts happening to you, it's best to turn off the auto-delete feature.

Manually clean up Samsung phone's storage

If you still don't have enough internal storage after using the Storage Booster, consider doing a manual cleanup.To manually clear your Samsung phone's storage, go to Settings > Battery & Device Maintenance > Storage.





Here, you'll be able to see exactly how much storage space is being used by which types of files and apps.

Apps are usually the most space-intensive, so deleting apps you no longer need can quickly get back lost storage space.However, remember to back up any important data these apps may contain before you delete them from your phone.

Make sure to scan your images, videos, documents, voice notes, and old songs you no longer listen to, too, and delete as many as you can.

Free up more space on your Samsung phone

You shouldn't completely fill up your phone's internal storage.Doing this means that there is no "breathing room" left for the system to perform its normal function smoothly, which can lead to various problems.For example, your phone may become partially unresponsive, start lagging, or restart without your explicit command.

That's why it's a good habit to deep clean your storage every three to six months so you can delete old files and uninstall any unnecessary apps you may have accumulated.

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