The 10 Best Websites Answering Pet Care Questions for Dog Lovers

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If you own a dog, you probably have quite a few questions about pet care.From hair removal to odd behavior, there are several things that worry pet parents.While there are thousands of websites sharing pet care advice, you can't rely on every single one.


So here's our list of ten of the best sites for dog lovers with pet care concerns.

1. Fitdog


FitdogActually a doggy daycare focused on training and fitness for your furry friend.On its blog, the site offers dog-rearing advice based on its experience.

Here, you can learn about everything from activities, exercise, and food to health and beauty.If you travel with your dog,FitdogSuggestions in this regard will also be shared.Likewise, it has product reviews for common dog items like water bowls.

But it's more about a dog's physical and mental health.Since all the authors are dog lovers and draw from their first-hand experience, you can expect helpful advice.

2. Dogsey


Dogsey is another dog forum on the list, with sub-forums on dog training, health, debate, and adoption.It also has a separate section for people who like to take their dogs to the show.

In addition to forum threads, Dogsey has news and articles from other users.Articles are more personal and share first-hand experiences, while news posts contain links to other sources.

3. The Spruce Pets


As part of the Dotdash Meredith Group,The Spruce PetsProvides comprehensive and practical pet care advice.

It publishes tips and guides for over 400 dog breeds.The articles are divided into sections on food, training, variety, and health.If you're just getting your first dog or planning to do so, the "Getting Started" category has some valuable advice for you.

Perhaps the best thing about this site is that all content is reviewed by the vets themselves.This makes it a more reliable resource for understanding your dog's health.In addition to publishing guides for dog lovers, The Spruce Pet also covers several other animals, including pet rats, frogs, snakes and fish.

4. Dog Forum


If you have very specific pet care questions, or would like to hear first-hand experience, you'll have to turn to tools like Dog Forum Such an online dog community.

Dog Forum Created in 2008, it has over 50,000 members and nearly 800,000 posts. The Dog Forum is divided into sub-forums such as dog training, health, food, activities, behavior, etc.Interesting forums like videos or pictures can be a great online pastime.

There are sections for general discussion, varieties, and more.Since it's a fairly active community, you're likely to find like-minded dog lovers to chat with.

5. Dogster


Dogsteris a well-known magazine for dog lovers.The site covers dog health, food, training, breed and lifestyle.There is also a bookstore on its website with a variety of books on dogs.

The site has dozens of explanations and how-to guides to help you with dog ownership.All authors are dog owners and are well versed in pet care, and you're sure to get solid information here.

DogsterThe magazine's digital subscription costs $15 a year, although you can read a ton of free articles on its website.Even better, you can subscribe to its newsletter to get dog care tips right in your inbox.

6. Top Dog Tips


Top Dog Tips is a nearly ten-year-old website that strives to provide accurate and in-depth information to dog lovers.Whether you need information about breeds or want to know about dog health, you'll find the right article here.

Top Dogs Tips not only provides food and nutrition tips for your dog, but also shares healthy recipes.Nerd dog lovers will find the science section quite interesting and informative.For those who prefer to listen, you can listen to its podcast or head over to its YouTube channel.It also has short online courses on its website to help you become a better dog parent.

Top Dog TipsThe team is made up of dog owners, so they are passionate and knowledgeable about dogs.

7. Fetch by WebMD


Another site that can provide solid information about your dog's health is WebMD's Fetch.

It is more focused on the health of the dog and the content is all veterinary reviewed. Fetch also lists all dog conditions, behaviors and symptoms in alphabetical order, which makes all relevant information just one click away.

In addition to health and medical conditions, the site also contains articles on training, grooming, nutrition, behavior, and puppy care. Fetch is not limited to written content.You can watch videos, view slideshows, and play dog ​​quizzes.Likewise, it has a newsletter that offers pet care advice.

8. Dogtime


DogtimeThe goal is to "keep pets out of shelters".To that end, it has a matching tool to help you find the right breed for your ultimate dog.Once you've found the perfect breed, you can ethically adopt a dog through these sites.

But beyond that, there are tons of resources and guides on this site for dog owners to use.From information about dog breeds to lifestyles, you can find articles on just about every topic.The health section covers medical conditions, beauty and behavior.You can also read product reviews and roundups.

If you just brought home a new furry friend, you can find dog names sorted by theme and breed.The video section is full of funny, cute dog messing videos.

9. Dog Advisory Council


Dog Advisory Council is a blog with hundreds of articles on everything about dogs.A great site for dog lovers, you can find articles on different breeds, tips, training, grooming, and more.

Likewise, there are articles about dog safety and health.If you have some specific pet care questions, it also has explanations about those issues.

10 Four Paws


Four PawsFounded nearly fifty years ago, it creates pet care products that keep pets happy and healthy.It is one of the best sites to get dog supplies online.

Four PawsThe website has a section called Pets 101.Here you can find advice on dog training, health, bonding and grooming.It has quizzes and activities that are not only fun but also increase your knowledge of pets.

While Four Paws isn't limited to just dog-related stuff, it does have tons of resources for your furry friend to use.Newsletters share the latest advice, as well as promotions and contest announcements.

learn to care for your dog

If you love your dog, then no doubt you will have countless pet care questions.These dog websites contain advice and tips on dog care and cover a variety of topics.Some of these sites post veterinary vetted content, which is a huge plus if you have health concerns.

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