Google Keep vs Microsoft OneNote: Which is Better?

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Google and Microsoft are the two largest suppliers of office suites.While they're best known for their basic office applications -- word processors, presentations, and spreadsheets -- they also have other products.

One of those products is their notepad app.Google has Keep and Microsoft has OneNote.Let's compare the two and see which one you should use.


Mobile app

Since you usually take notes on the go, an easy-to-use mobile app is one of the most important things any note-taking app must have.As such, both Google Keep and Microsoft OneNote can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.



Google KeepHas a simple interface and is easy to use.when you openGoogle KeepWhen in the app, you'll instantly see any notes you make.You can also pin your notes so they appear at the top of the app.If you tend to keep long notes, you can also switch between two different views - grid view or list view.

Adding notes is also easy: you just need to tap the plus sign (+) in the lower right corner to add a text note.The menu at the bottom also allows you to add checklists, drawings, voice notes and photos with just one click. Google Keep is a great app for creating to-do lists on the go.

Microsoft's OneNote, on the other hand, is much more complicated.When you open the OneNote app, you'll see all your most recent notes listed under Recents.You can also quickly add notes by tapping the plus sign (+) in the lower right corner.

The menu at the bottom shows your notebooks, search buttons, and sticky notes.But OneNote differs from Google Keep in that it allows you to have multiple notebooks.When you click "All Notebooks", you'll be taken to a menu that lists all the notebooks you've made.

When you select a notebook, you'll be taken to chapter view, where you can group your notes as needed.When you click on a section, you'll see the page view, which shows the title of each note you've created.By clicking on the title of the note, you'll see the full note in the app.

Desktop application


Microsoft OneNote has a powerful desktop application that is free to use in the Microsoft Store.The app, called OneNote for Windows 10, gives you a fully functional desktop experience.You can choose which notebooks you want to see, so if you're on a work computer, you can uncheck any personal notebooks you're using.

You can also easily add notes on the desktop app.You just need to click on any part of the empty page and you are free to enter as you wish.It also doesn't take notes like a word processor.As you type, OneNote creates a text box that you can move around quickly.This way, you can create random snippets anywhere on the page and rearrange them later.

The OneNote desktop app is similar to other Microsoft Office software, so if you're familiar with Microsoft's Office suite, you won't get lost using it.


On the other hand, Google Keep doesn't have a desktop app.To use it on your computer, you must open your browser, go of the great things about Google Keep on the web is that it has an app-like feel.So if you regularly use Google Keep on your smartphone, using it on your computer will be a breeze.

Organizing Notes




Google Keep works similarly to Gmail when it comes to organizing your notes.All your notes are stored in a central repository, which it opens by default.To help you keep things organized, you can add tags to individual notes.You can then select a specific tag in Google Keep's sidebar to display notes with that specific tag.You can also use 11 different colors and 9 different backgrounds to help you identify the purpose of your note at a glance.

In addition to that, you can pin a note to keep it on top of your other notes.If a note is time-sensitive, you can add a reminder with time, date, and location details to make sure you don't miss it.Once you've finished a note, you can archive or delete it.


Organizing notes in Microsoft OneNote, on the other hand, is a completely different thing.First, OneNote requires you to have a notebook to keep your notes.Each notebook will have separate sections, and you have to create a page with a title for each note you make.

If you use multiple devices, you can also choose which notebooks you see in the OneNote app.So if you have a laptop dedicated to school and a desktop computer for game streaming, you can have separate laptops on each device -- using one account at the same time.

Add rich text and media

When taking notes, you sometimes want to emphasize a point or create a list of dots.At times, you may also want to insert images, links, and other media. OneNote is better than Keep in this regard. Google Keep lets you add pictures, drawings, checklists, and voice notes, but that's about it.


But with OneNote, you can add all of that and more.As you write notes, you can add formatting to your text such as bold, italic, underline, highlight, change colors, and even different text styles.You can add forms, documents, printed documents, pictures, online videos, links, audio files, and more, and you can put them all in one note.

You basically use OneNote as a digital whiteboard where you can put anything you want on your notes.

Collaborate and share


Both Google Keep and Microsoft OneNote allow you to share your notes.When you add collaborators to a note in Google Keep, you'll see their personal photo appear at the bottom of your note, and you'll be allowed to see and work on the note at the same time.

Microsoft OneNote collaborates a little differently.You cannot share individual notes, only complete notebooks.By doing this, the people you collaborate with can create new sections and notes in your notebook.So even if you're not invited to a new note they create, you'll see it automatically.This collaboration feature is helpful, especially if you're often working with a team.

Choose between simplicity and functionality

Google Keep is simple and easy to use.You don't need to discover any of its features; what you see is what you get.If you're not a big fan of note-taking and just need a place to temporarily store your thoughts, Google Keep is for you.

However, if you write a lot of notes on different topics or topics and often forget where you saved them, Microsoft OneNote is for you.It's also helpful if you're working with multiple teams, as its advanced collaboration and digital whiteboard features make it perfect for brainstorming.

Which one is better for you?

While Microsoft's OneNote has more features than Google Keep, most users will probably find it overwhelming.For most people, Google Keep will be enough for their needs.However, if you want to keep all your notes in one place, like in one app, instead of carrying several notebooks, OneNote is for you.

At the end of the day, the best option is the one that's right for you.In fact, you are not necessarily limited to one or the other.You can use both Google Keep and Microsoft OneNote, the former for quick, instant note-taking, and the latter for in-depth note-taking and team brainstorming.

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