Microsoft Edge just got a new, tougher layer of security

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Browsing the internet is risky, and your browser is your first line of defense against any nasty stuff lurking in websites and apps.Now, Microsoft Edge raises the bar by adding a new, toggleable "Enhanced Safety Mode" that makes you even more secure when exploring the internet.


Range of new security options for Microsoft Edge

As 9to5Mac discovered,Microsoft Edge 104 includes some new security options.They're disabled by default, but you can turn them on by typing "edge://settings/privacy" into Microsoft Edge's search bar.

Once you arrive, you should see a switch next to a category titled "Enhancing Your Security on the Web."Flip this switch and you'll see three different options.Basic, balanced and rigorous.

Basically the recommended setting, it will "add security mitigations" for less trafficked sites."Balance" works the same way, except it affects the sites you personally visit infrequently, not just the infrequently visited ones.

Things get a little trickier when you set that option to strict.Once activated, Microsoft Edge will start applying increased security to every website you visit.Even Microsoft thinks this might not be a good idea, as it states in the option's description that "some sites may not work."

However, if you want to use the new strict mode, there is also a whitelist feature where you can add sites you know are safe.You can also set Edge to automatically enable strict mode when you use its private browsing feature.

A promising venture for Microsoft Edge

If Microsoft wants Edge to become the world's most popular browser, it has a big challenge ahead.Google Chrome currently has the majority of users, so Microsoft needs to introduce some features into Edge to help convince people to stick with it rather than switch browsers.

This new Safe Mode appears to be a winner in setting up computers for those with less technical skills.If you're instructing someone to use their computer and you're worried they might be going the wrong way on the internet, you can set Edge to balanced or strict mode and let the browser do the defense for you.This setup could be a winner for people who set up public computers because they don't want people getting viruses on their computers.

So while this new safety model may not make much sense for powerful users, it seems promising for keeping computers safe in the hands of less capable people.To that end, we're likely to see more people decide to stick with Edge because of the "set and forget" nature of these security options.

Microsoft Edge is transforming

With Microsoft Edge's new security options, setting up a secure PC out of the box has never been easier.We'll have to see if that's enough to convince people that Edge is worth sticking with.

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