How to Create a Photo Collage in Windows 11

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A photo collage is a single image that contains multiple pictures in a grid layout.Many users set up slideshows on their Windows PCs to showcase their snaps.However, creating photo collages is a great alternative way to showcase your photography.

However, Windows 11 doesn't include any built-in apps or features that you can use to set up photo collages.Don't bother opening Photos, MS Paint, or Paint 3D, as none of these apps include a collage option.However, there are plenty of third-party software and web apps that allow you to set up photo collages in Windows 11.


how to use collager Set up photo collage

collageris free Windows 11 software that enables you to set up picture collages quickly and easily.It includes Photo drop, Black border, Mosaic, No turns and Photo Drop on black layout options, as well as various page presets to set up picture collages.Here's how you can download, install, and set up a basic collage with Collagerator.

1. OpenFacebookCollagerator website, and click the Download Collarator.exe option.

2. Right-click the Start menu button and select the File Explorer option.

3. Bring up the folder where you downloaded the Collagerator.

4. Double-click Collarator.exe to start the software installer.

5. Click the I accept radio button.


6. Press "Next" twice to reach the final installation options.

7. Select the Collagerator installation option.

8. Double-click the Collagerator icon on the desktop to start the software.

9. Click on the "New Collage" option.


10. Select a page size for the collage on the drop-down menu.

11. Next to the Page Size drop-down menu, select a Landscape or Portrait option.


12. Select a theme layout option.

13. Click "OK" to pop up the edit window.

14. Press the +Add Photo button on the Image tab.

15. Then in the "Select Image" window open a folder containing the photos for the collage.Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple pictures for the collage, then click the Open button.


Now you will have a photo collage that you can modify with the options of the Collagerator.First, try moving and resizing pictures in the collage.You can move an image within its box by left-clicking near its center and dragging the mouse.To rotate and resize a picture, left-click along the edge of the picture and move the cursor.


You can resize the image boxes by adjusting the space between them.Decreasing or increasing the spacing between boxes will change their size.To do this, click on the hashtags and select Arrangements.Then drag the slider of the spacing bar left and right.


However, you can adjust the box size of the image more freely with the two photo drop-down themes.If you're using the Photo Drop theme, left-click near the edge of the image and drag the mouse up or down to expand or shrink its box.You can also move the collage by selecting and dragging the box around it with the mouse when using the photo to drop the theme.


Collegerator includes shadow effect options.To apply a shadow to an image, click Shadow on the hashtags.You can then choose an option that enables shadows, and adjust the shadow effect with the Distance and Blur Radius bars.

Your collage doesn't need to have a plain background.Select Background on the hashtag to see some collage background settings.There you can choose from four alternative background styles and use the palette options to choose different background colors.Or you can choose to add a custom background image to the collage.


When you're done with your collage, click the File menu.There you can choose to save as.Or select Print on this menu to print out your collage.

How to Set Up a Photo Collage with Canva's Free Collage Maker

Canva is one of the best online graphic design tools you can use to set up photo collages.You don't even need a Canva account to make photo collages with it, but you'll be prompted to log in with Google or Facebook. Canva includes tons of collage templates and extra options for adding elements and text.You can build a basic photo collage with Canva like this:

1. Open in Edge or other browsing softwareCanva web app.

2. Then click the Create Photo Collage button there.

3. Click the Upload button on the left sidebar of Canva.


4. Press the purple Upload File button.

5. If prompted to log in with an account, select the Google or Facebook option.Then select your account to log in.

6. Then select the pictures you want to include in your collage and press the Open button.

7. Click Templates to the left of Canva.


8. Choose a template for your photo collage.

9. Select the "Upload" tab again, then left-click and drag your photo into the template's box.

Once you've moved all the pictures onto the template, you can start tweaking the collage.Left-click on the image boxes, holding down the mouse button, to reposition them in the collage.You can move the image within the box by double-clicking the left button.

If you want to change the background of the collage, click the "More" button.Press the More button and choose Background.There are tons of backgrounds out there that you can choose to add to your collage.


You can spice up your collages by adding clip art elements.Click on Canva's Elements tab.You can then drag and drop overlapping clip art images from this tab onto the photo collage.


Canva's text options allow you to add some slideshow-style titles to the pictures in your collage.To do this, click on the text label.Select the "Add a small amount of text" option.You can then use the mouse to resize and position the text box and enter a title in it.

You can change the text by selecting options on the formatting bar above the collage.Click the drop-down menu there and choose a different font.Adjust the size of the text by clicking the + and - buttons.Press the text color button to change the font color.You can even choose a weird font style by clicking the "Effects" button there.


To save the collage of photos, press the "Share" button; select the "Download" option.Select the format of the image in the File Type drop-down menu and click Download again.Collage files will be in whatever folder your browser is configured to download.

Show off your favorite snaps with a photo collage

Image collages are a great way to showcase related photos on a single page.With Collector and Canva, you can set up collages with different template styles and beautiful additional effects.So, you don't need to spend money on any collage software to create attractive collages in Windows 11.

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