How to Compare Xbox Game Data with Friends

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Working your way through the game's challenges and progressing, unlocking achievements, and increasing your player score are high-reward features of Xbox games.

For the social features of progress, challenges, and achievements, you might want to know how your stats compare to one of your online friends in the specific game you're playing.


If comparing stats with your friends on Xbox is something you're interested in, read on.

How to Compare with Friends on Your Xbox


To compare your own game stats with your friends on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, just:

1. Press the Xbox button to open the Guide menu on the Xbox's display.

2. From the Guides menu, press the right bumper to navigate to Profiles and Systems.

3. Select your own profile and enter the My Profiles menu.

4. Press the right bumper again until you navigate to the Gaming tab of your profile options.

5. Under the Achievements tab, above the games you're playing there is a section titled Compare Games, select this option to start comparing stats with friends.

6. Open the "Compare Games" option and a list of your Xbox friends will appear.Just choose a friend with whom you want to compare games.

7. After this, you should be taken back to the achievements section in your profile with a list of games.Choose any game from the titles listed to compare with your friends' stats.

8. After selecting a game, you should be able to see a comparison between you and your friend's game scores, unlocked achievements, and game-specific challenges.

Your Xbox account's My Profile setting can also improve your Xbox experience, not just game comparisons. Things like dynamic themes for the Xbox home screen and a custom online avatar that highlights your profile to friends can be accessed through the My Profile option.

Best of all, using the steps above, you can use your profile settings to compare certain stats with your friends.

Xbox stats you can compare with your friends


In terms of what stats you'll be able to see and compare with your friends, this may be specific to the games you want to compare.

The most comparable stats are always achievements, and Xbox has made it easier to unlock and compare achievements.With the ability to reveal secret achievements on Xbox, you can compare previously hidden achievements.

For most games, unlocked achievements, game scores, and unique challenges will almost always appear, no matter what game you choose.

However, things like game time aren't guaranteed to be tracked by your account, so don't always come up when comparing games.

It's important to note that not all comparable data from one game is guaranteed to be available in another game.

How to Compare Game Statistics Using the Xbox App

In addition to comparing game data directly through your Xbox console itself, you can also compare data with friends through the Xbox app for iOS and Android.

To compare game stats on the Xbox app for iOS and Android:

1. Go to your account page by clicking on the gamerpic of your profile.

2. Select the achievement and click Compare.

3. Just like the console's options, you can select a friend from the displayed list and all comparable games and stats will appear.

This is very handy if you want to compare stats while away from the Xbox.

Enjoy tracking your Xbox stats with friends

Now that you know how to compare Xbox stats with your friends, you can see how you and your friends stack up against each other in your favorite games.

You can even see where you can get ahead of your Xbox friends, and may feel the need to hone your achievements to get ahead of your opponents.

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