How to use the Steam Achievement Manager to unlock any achievement

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Is a certain Steam achievement giving you trouble?Well, you can use the Steam Achievement Manager to bypass any difficulties that come with Steam Achievements.

So, there's an achievement you want to unlock, but you don't necessarily want to jump over those hurdles to unlock it.Maybe it has something to do with in-game item unlocks, or maybe you just want some unearned bragging rights.


Whatever the reason, here's how to use the Steam Achievement Manager to unlock any achievement on Steam.

What is the Steam Achievement Manager?


The Steam Achievement Manager, or SAM for short, is an open-source program that allows users to organize and unlock any achievement for any game on the Steam platform.

Although not officially endorsed by Steam, SAM has been widely used since 2008, maintaining functionality in few updates.

To download SAM, visit the Steam Achievement Manager'sGitHub page.The program is downloaded in .zip format, so if you're using Windows 10, make sure you know how to unzip the file.

Will I get banned for using the Steam Achievement Manager?


As mentioned above, SAM is not officially endorsed by Steam.Depending on the interpretation, it may technically violate the platform's terms of service.

However, Steam has yet to comment publicly on the program, and no one has reported receiving a ban in the past.

Depending on how you want to use the program, it may be worth treating with caution.Are you just unlocking an achievement to show up on your profile?It's probably safe.Will this achievement unlock in-game items, like in Team Fortress 2 or Payday 2?This is where it gets a little tricky.

It depends on whether you're worth the risk, albeit a small one.If it's worth it, read on to learn more about using SAM.

How to Unlock Achievements with the Steam Achievement Manager


Once unpacked, you should have two executables available.The one you're looking for is called SAM.Picker.exe.

Launch the program and allow a few seconds to scan for available games.On the first boot, this may take half a minute.


SAM should show all games connected to your Steam account.

Don't see a game?Go to the SteamDB page and search for the game you're looking for.You can then copy and paste the AppID into the empty space next to Add Game.Hit the same button and SAM will pull up the game you're looking for.


Let's take a look at the Apex Legends achievements.Select your game from the list, or pull the game with AppID and SAM will list all achievements for that game.

It's as simple as clicking the box next to the listed achievements.You can choose just one or more, or even many, if you want.


Once you're ready for the achievement to unlock on Steam, click Submit Changes.

Once you do this, you should see the achievement popup, assuming Steam is currently running.If it doesn't work, check your profile on Steam to make sure the change went smoothly.

Note that you can also relock achievements this way.Just deselect the achievement.There aren't many reasons why you might want to do this, but you can, and it's convenient.

Get all the Steam achievements without breaking a sweat

With SAM, you can instantly achieve any achievement with very little effort.Some may see this as cheating, while others see it as an easier way to bypass in-game achievement requirements.

Maybe for you, it's not even about the game.Maybe you just want to put fancy achievements on your Steam profile page.

Whatever the reason, SAM will unlock any achievement, no problem.

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