How to Use Driving Mode in Google Assistant

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Maybe you don't know, Google has used Google Assistant 's driving mode replaces the Android Auto app.As long as you have a newer Android smartphone, you can use the driving mode in Google Assistant -- and you don't need to download it through the Play Store like Android Auto.


If you're new to Google Assistant's driving mode, read on to learn how to use it.

What is Google Assistant Driving Mode?


The Google Assistant driving mode was first announced at Google I/O 2019 and will roll out internationally in 2021.According to Google, if you want to use Google Assistant's driving mode, you must have a smartphone with 9.0GB of RAM installed with Android 4 and above.

Unlike Android Auto, which requires compatibility with specific cars and stereos, Google Assistant's driving modes work with any vehicle.That's because if you're using Driving Mode in Google Assistant, you don't need to mirror your smartphone's display to the vehicle's infotainment screen.However, you can activate this option if you wish.

Another benefit of driving mode is that you can control the interface with voice commands; this helps avoid distracted driving.Even if you get a text message or an incoming call, Google Assistant can read it for you without interfering with the navigation screen.

Of course, you can also access media apps like YouTube, Spotify, VLC and Google Podcasts when using Google Assistant driving mode.But compared to Android Auto, there are fewer apps (less cluttered) on Google Assistant driving mode, and the cards are larger, so you're less prone to distractions.Driving Mode is just one of many Google Assistant features worth exploring.

If you want to get into Google Assistant's driving mode, there are a few different ways to do it.Let's look at three of them.

How to activate driving mode using voice commands

You can activate driving mode in Google Assistant with a voice command.Methods as below:

1. Open the Google Assistant app on your Android phone.

2. Say "Hey Google, let's drive".Alternatively, you can say "Hey Google, turn on driving mode".

3. Once you've accessed Driving Mode in Google Assistant, you can navigate to the Apps section and tap the shortcut icon.It should say add driving mode to the home screen.

4. Once set up, you'll be able to access Driving Mode in Google Assistant directly from your home screen.




How to start driving mode automatically

You can also set the driving mode to start as soon as you connect your phone to the car's Bluetooth system, or when you start driving.

1. Open the Google Assistant app on your Android phone.

2. Say "Hey Google, take me to Assistant settings".Alternatively, you can open your phone's settings, scroll down and select Google.Next, select the Settings option for the Google app and tap Search, Assistant & Voice to find the Google Assistant settings.

3. Scroll down and tap Traffic and select the Driving Mode option at the bottom of the screen.

4. If you want the driving mode to be activated automatically, you can choose to activate the driving mode when connecting with your car's bluetooth.Additionally, you can select the Ask Before Start option when driving is detected.




Beyond that, the Driving Mode setting lets you choose to allow or ignore incoming call and text notifications while driving.

How to Enable Driving Mode via Google Maps

The third option to use driving mode is to navigate in Google Maps.You need to activate this feature first.

1. In Google Maps, go to "Settings" > "Navigation Settings" > "Google Assistant Settings", and switch to "When navigating in Google Maps".

2. Open Google Maps and type your destination in the search box.

3. Tap the Start Navigation option and the Google Assistant driving mode will be activated.




How to Use Google Assistant Driving Mode

When you activate Google Assistant driving mode, you'll find it has three icons at the bottom of the screen.If you want to initiate a voice command, you can tap the microphone icon in the lower left.The icon in the middle takes you back to the home screen, and the icon in the bottom right (four squares) takes you to the apps available in driving mode.




Since the app's goal is to avoid distracted driving, it has a minimalist user interface.More succinctly, the apps supported by Driving Mode are limited to Calls, Messages, Google Maps, and Media (Spotify, VLC, YouTube Music, Podcasts, etc.).This means you can't access all your favorite apps while using the interface, but you can exit driving mode at any time and access any app on your Android smartphone.

If you want to make a call, you can say "Hey Google, I want to make a call".Likewise, you can say "Hey Google, I want to send a message" or "Hey Google, play (your favorite song) on ​​Spotify".Basically, you can control everything in Google Assistant driving mode with voice commands without taking your hands off the steering wheel.If it doesn't automatically respond, you can still tap the microphone icon.

Once you're done driving, you can exit drive mode by tapping the vehicle icon at the top right of the screen.

Google Assistant driving mode is here to stay

We've used Google Assistant's driving mode, and we think it's pretty easy to navigate when you're driving.Plus, you don't need to mirror it to your car's infotainment display, which makes it even more convenient, especially if you're driving a vehicle that isn't Android Auto compatible.

Don't forget, Google has discontinued Android Auto on phone screens and replaced it with a driving mode for Google Assistant.The sooner you learn how to use it, the more helpful it will be for you.

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