What is Apple's Lost Mode?

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Apple has made many improvements to keep your iPhone and your information as safe as possible, including Lost Mode.

This feature helps you protect your iPhone from being discovered by anyone, even if you lose it or someone takes it from you.Read on to learn more about Apple's Lost Mode.


What is Apple's Lost Mode?

Many people believe that Apple devices are more secure than Android because of security features like Lost Mode.Lost Mode is an Apple feature that works on all major Apple devices, including your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and even your iPod touch.

If you don't have your iPhone with you -- either because you lost it or someone stole it -- this feature helps you lock your Apple device so no one can access your information.Not only that, but if your iPhone is lost, this can also help the person who found it to contact you.

What happens when you use lost mode


As you might guess from the name, Lost Mode is for when you lose your Apple device.This is what happens once you turn on Lost Mode.

Once you enable Lost Mode, Apple will ask you for a phone number and a message.Your Apple device will then display that information and phone number.That way, whoever picks it up will be able to contact you.

As we mentioned before, no one has access to your information.If you lose your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod touch or Mac, your device will not display any alerts or notifications for incoming information or updates.Any alarms will also be silenced.Only FaceTime calls and regular phone calls will continue to work.

It's worth mentioning, however, that if someone who owns your Apple device knows your passcode, they'll be able to unlock it normally.Since using your password is one way to disable Lost Mode, they will be able to access all your information.

Plus, all of your Apple devices, except your Mac, will show their location in real-time on iCloud.You'll also see if there's a change in location, which you can track even if your iPhone is turned off.

Your Apple device will also have some services suspended, including access to your credit card and student ID.

How to Enable Lost Mode on Your Apple Device

Here's how you can turn on Lost Mode if you lose your iPhone or any other Apple device.

1. Enter on any deviceiCloud.com.

2. Sign in to your Apple ID account.Make sure this is the same Apple ID you used on the lost Apple device.

3. Tap Find iPhone.You may need to enter your password again.

4. You should see all your Apple devices and their respective locations.Search for the device you want to enter Lost Mode.

5. If you only want to see a specific device, click All Devices at the top of the page and select the device you want.

6. Select your lost device and tap the i icon next to the device name.

7. Click "Lost Mode".


8. Enter a phone number if you wish.Then, click Next.


9. You can also enter a message if you wish.

10. Finally, click "Done" in the upper right corner.


Things to keep in mind when using Lost Mode

If you use Lost Mode, you need to keep a few things in mind.

First, if you're using Lost Mode on your iPhone, iPod touch, Apple Watch, or iPad, you'll need to remember your device's passcode.If you find your device again, you will need a passcode to unlock your Apple device and disable Lost Mode.

If you lose your Mac, iCloud will ask you to set a numeric password, which is not the same as your regular password.You'll need to remember this password in order to unlock your Mac after it is found.After that, you can go back to using your regular password.

It's worth noting that iCloud may ask you to enter a phone number and a message.Remember, you need to use a phone number that others can use to contact you.

You can also add a message that your device will display.You can use this message to let people know that your iPhone is lost.Avoid adding sensitive information to this message, including where you live or work or your full name.Remember, this message is likely to be seen by everyone who owns your device, so keep it short and safe.

How to Disable Lost Mode

Hope you can find your Apple device in a short time.If this happens, you can quickly disable Lost Mode like this:

1. Go toiCloud.com.

2. Tap Find iPhone.

3. Select the device in Lost Mode.

4. Click "Lost Mode".


5. Select Stop Lost Mode.


6. To confirm, tap Stop Lost Mode again.


Again, as we mentioned before, if you find your device, you can turn off Lost Mode by entering your passcode.

One thing to keep in mind is that once you turn off Lost Mode, your Apple device may ask you to enter your Apple ID password.

When should you use Lost Mode

Lost Mode is a powerful feature that keeps your information and device safe.The good news is that you can easily turn it on or off, so you can use it in many different situations.

When you can't find your Apple device and don't know where it is, try the Lost Mode feature.Of course, before using this feature, you should try to search your Apple device, for example, you can try to use your Apple Watch to call your iPhone.

If you've left your iPhone at a friend's house, office, or anywhere you know you'll get it back, but you're afraid people will try to access your information, you should also consider using Lost Mode.

Of course, if someone steals your device and you know you won't get it back, you should use Lost Mode as soon as possible.This will help keep your information safe.Just be sure to avoid sharing any information that criminals might use against you.

Time to use Lost Mode

Lost Mode is a very useful feature that can help you find any Apple device and keep your information protected while you find it.

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