How to add a search engine to qBittorrent

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many modernBitTorrentThe client has a search function.In many cases this feature is semi-hidden, like the one we use in this guideqBittorrent.Or you have to take some extra steps to unlock its full potential.

So let's see how to extend and useqBittorrentsearch function.This way, you can find what you're looking for directly through qBittorrent and download it with ease.


Problems with magnet links

in spite ofBitTorrentis a decentralized peer-to-peer network where users exchange data, but it still has a weak central point.In fact, there are more than one such points: they are websites where users look for so-called "magnet links".

"Magnetic links" are small packets of data that "notify" BitTorrent clients of a torrent's name, content, and potential location to initiate its download.Unfortunately, they're a good idea ruined by pirates and malicious users.

You can find links like this on the most popular sites, full of ads for scantily clad people too eager to meet you in person.They also usually run suspicious JavaScript code in your browser.And they may even confuse magnet links, turning them into ad clicks.

Thankfully, these days, you don't have to visit these kinds of sites.Instead, you can use the search function that comes with your BitTorrent client.Especially in the case of qBittorrent, you can extend it with plugins, which can be searched in the databases of many popular websites.

How to search for content in qBittorrent

qBittorrent has supported search from the beginning, but the feature was not enabled.So it makes sense that many people ignore its existence.To use qBittorrent's search:

1. Run the application and expand the View menu.Choose a search engine.


2. qBitTorrent relies on Python for searching.If you've never installed this popular programming language before, qBittorrent will prompt you to download the required files.


3. The Python installer is independent of qBittorrent, so you must turn your attention to it.Go ahead and install it like any other application.In this case, however, it's best to keep whatever defaults the installer suggests.


You may need to close and re-run qBittorrent to enable its search functionality.

Where is the search plugin for qBitTorrent?

After enabling qBitTorrent's search function, you may find it somewhat limited.The app's creators know that BitTorrent remains popular because of its users.So instead of trying to improve the search themselves, they "opened the door" so that anyone interested could extend it with their own plugins.

This means that "extending qBittorrent's search capabilities" is done through unofficial plugins.However, this is the official method.The app itself will point you toGitHubThis page on this page contains unofficial qBittorrent search plugins, from here you can add the plugins you wish to qBittorrent, as we'll see next.

Add the downloaded search plugin to qBitTorrent

qBittorrent's search plugins are Python files (and why you must have Python installed before).You can download them locally before installing them, but it's easier to "pull" them directly from the web.need to be able to do this:

1. Visit the Search tab of qBittorrent.


2. Click the Search Plugins button at the bottom right of the window.If you didn't visit the page we mentioned in the previous section, click the link at the bottom of the search plugin window to open it with your default browser.


3. Scroll down the page to find a list of available plugins.You'll find a link to each plugin in the fifth column of the list, next to its date.Right-click on it, choose your browser's capabilities, and copy the link to the clipboard (on Chrome, it's the copy link address; on Firefox, it's the shorter copy link).


4. Back on qBitTorrent, click the Install New Plugin button at the bottom left of the Search Plugins window.


5. You will see two options.If you downloaded the plugin locally, select the local file, then select the one you want to install.If you're copying a link to a plugin to the clipboard, as we suggest, choose Web Link.Paste the copied URL in the empty field of Requester that will pop up and click OK.


6. After checking the URL, download and install script for a second or two, you will see it appear in the list of installed search plugins for qBittorrent.If you want to add more plugins and further expand qBittorrent's search, you can repeat this process as many times as you want.


How to use your new search plugin

After adding some plugins to qBittorrent, locating torrents should be straightforward.

1. Move to the "Search" tab, enter a term for what you're looking for in the search bar, and hit enter.


2. If you are looking for many files, you don't have to search one by one.You can initiate a separate search for each file.The results of each of your queries will be displayed on a separate tab.They will present the results of all search plugins you have installed.To search with just one specific plugin, select it from the plugins menu before searching (it's an entry that says "All plugins" by default).



You can double-click on any result to add it to qBittorrent's download list.To select more than one entry, CTRL or Shift can be used.

This is the same method as selecting a single or a range of entries in other applications such as Windows Explorer.Then, right-click on one of them and find the option to download them (amongst others).

qBittorrent search plugin: simpler, but not perfect

Using qBitTorrent's search function to locate content to download is certainly easier than visiting a single website.However, it also has some drawbacks.First, it doesn't always show all the files you find on this kind of site.Second, you may not see an exact number of all available download sources in qBitTorrent immediately after adding a file.

Every search function seems to be looking for hints that files exist in your existing network of BitTorrent nodes.These are the users your qBitTorrent client connects to or "knows" through its Peer Exchange network.

Keep your torrents safe

By not relying on site magnet links, you can avoid problematic content on many sites.However, this could also be the opposite: by searching for content, you are "calling out" other users' content.You're not getting it from a trustworthy site whose maintainers can ensure the quality of the links they provide.

So you can enjoy searching, finding and downloading torrents with just a simple (yet two) click, but keep an eye out.Double check everything you download.Avoid blindly running or opening any files you download.Keep your antivirus running, and only download content that exactly matches what you're looking for, and more importantly, is legal.

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