How to use Amazon Alexa as your personal planner

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Staying organized under a busy schedule can be tough work.Despite the hundreds of productivity apps, many of us are still overwhelmed by the options available.Some are too complicated; some are not complicated enough.

As a result, many people can only use their phone's basic reminder, alarm or note functions.But what if you could still use these tools on your phone, alongside your favorite voice-activated assistant?


We'll walk you through exactly how to use your phone and voice to stay up-to-date with Alexa reminders, alarms, timers, and lists.

How to use the Alexa reminder


The reminder works as an alarm, but with a twist.Unlike Alexa reminding you at specific times, reminders are tagged and can be triggered at specific locations.

If several people in your home use your Alexa devices, you can set reminders for specific people on specific devices.Alternatively, Alexa can broadcast reminders to everyone on every device connected to your Alexa account.

use your voice

To create a reminder with your voice, follow the format below. "Alexa, add a reminder for (something to remind) at (time) on (day)".

You can specify a date and time by saying things like tonight, tomorrow, or next Thursday.For example, if you need a recurring reminder, ask Alexa to remind you every Thursday at 2pm.

Using the Alexa app

in the Alexa app (available foriOSAndroid), you also have options that you can apply to your reminders.Here's how to set up a basic reminder:

1. Open the Alexa app and navigate to the "More" tab in the lower right corner.

2. Tap Reminder.

3. Tap the blue plus sign.

4. Click the Remind me box and enter what you want to be reminded of.

5. Set the date and time by clicking and adjusting the respective values.

6. Click Save in the upper right corner and your reminder will appear in your event reminders.




Alexa can also alert you based on your phone's location.Change At a time to At a location, then click Add location.You can choose your home or work address, or add a new one here.Then, set whether you want reminders to happen when you arrive or leave the place.

If you want to change where the reminder is announced, select the announcement location and select the relevant device.You can also set reminders here to announce from every Alexa-connected device.

In addition, you can adjust the object of the reminder by clicking the reminder and selecting the person who needs to be reminded.

How to Create an Alexa Siren


Alexa alarms are similar to other alarms you may have used before.The difference is that when your alarm goes off, Alexa can start a routine -- kicking off your day with your favorite radio station or weather report.

use your voice

To create an alarm with your voice, follow the format below. "Alexa, add an alarm for (time) on (date)."

As with Alexa reminders, you can also specify when you want the alarm to repeat.You can substitute "weekdays", "weekends" or even just "everyday" for dates.

Using the Alexa app

If you want to use the Alexa app to create your alarm, follow these steps:

Open the Alexa app and navigate to the "More" tab in the bottom right corner.

1. Tap "Alarms & Timers".By default, this page will open on alarm.

2. Tap the blue plus sign.

3. Select the time and date you want for the alarm.

4. Click on "Device" and select the device on which you want the alert to go off.

5. Click "Save" and your alarm will be saved.




If you want the alarm to repeat, just tap Repeat and choose the appropriate option.If you want the alarm to repeat on certain days, tap Select Days, then apply your selection.

You can also adjust the alarm noise if you're not happy with the defaults.Press Sound and choose a new noise.A preview will then play on your device.

Finally, if you want to trigger a routine when the alarm goes off, tap the toggle next to an existing routine to activate it, or press Add a new routine to create one.

How to Set an Alexa Timer


Oddly, the Alexa app doesn't let you use manual settings to set timers.You'll either need to use your voice with your Alexa-enabled device, or use the built-in Alexa functionality in the app.However, timers you set appear in the Alexa app and can be managed there.

use your voice

To create a simple timer using Alexa voice commands, you can say: "Alexa, start a timer for (digital) minutes." It is possible to set a timer for up to 24 hours.

Conveniently, Alexa lets you label timers to prevent confusion when using multiple timers.Add a prefix before the word "timer" to mark a timer.For example, "Alexa, start the cook timer for 15 minutes", or "Alexa, start the egg timer for 7 minutes".

If you want to check the status of the timer, you can ask: "Alexa, how much time is left on my timer?"

Using the Alexa app

If you want to start a timer in the Alexa app, just tap the Alexa icon on the home page or say "Alexa."You can then use the instructions above to start a timer.

As mentioned earlier, timers can be managed from within the app, with the option to delete or pause a timer.Here's how:

1. Once the timer starts, navigate to the "More" tab in the lower right corner.

2. Tap "Alarms and Timers".

3. Select Timer.Here, you'll see any active timers.

4. Tap the applicable timer.

5. Press the Pause button or Delete to do it.



Here you can adjust the volume and tone of the timer if necessary.Just click Settings on the timer page and choose your device.You'll see a volume slider and options to change the default timer tone, which can be set to suit your needs.

How to Build an Alexa List


Alexa also has a valuable list feature, which means you no longer have to scramble to find a pen and paper or turn on your phone if something pops into your head.

Alexa has two pre-made lists: a to-do list and a shopping list.However, it can also create custom manifests for just about anything.

use your voice

To create a list with a voice command, say: "Alexa, create a list." Alexa will then ask you how to name your list and confirm the name you gave.

After that, it will ask you if you have any items to add to the list; you can name them if you want.Make sure to leave a slight pause between items to prevent Alexa from thinking all your items are one item.If you have nothing to add, say "no" when asked.

In order to manage your list with your voice, you can use some commands:

"Alexa, what's on my (name) list?".

"Alexa, add (item) to my (name) list."

"Alexa, remove (item/) from my <name> list".

"Alexa, clear my (name) list".

For example, if you want to add milk to your shopping list, you can say: "Alexa, add milk to my shopping list."

Using the Alexa app

Creating and managing lists in the Alexa app is simple.Just follow the instructions below.

To create a custom list:

1. Open the Alexa app and navigate to the "More" tab in the lower right corner.

2. Tap Checklists and Notes.

3. Click Create List.

4. Enter a name for the list and press the enter key on the device keyboard, found in the lower right (enter key on iPhone, arrow on Android).Your list is now created.

To add an item, click the list and select Add item.Then, type in what you want to add and press Enter on your keyboard.

To mark an item as complete, click the checkbox to the left of the item.If you want to unmark the item in its entirety, swipe left on the item.Click Restore.

If you want to delete an item entirely, swipe left on an item and press delete.If you want to delete or archive the entire list, tap the three dots in the upper right and select Delete List or Archive List.




Tidy up your life

Whether it's adding reminders on the fly, or remembering an item to buy at the grocery store and adding it to a shopping list in one sentence, staying on top of a busy schedule just got simpler with Alexa.

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