How to stop receiving spam invitations on Google Calendar

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With Google Calendar, you can easily keep track of your meetings, events or tasks through its colorful, spaced design.And, you can easily integrate it with other calendar apps, so you don't miss a thing.

If you've been using Google Calendar for a while, you know that spam invitations can take over and ruin its efficiency.However, Google has a quick and easy solution to this problem.


How to Stop Spam Invitations on Google Calendar Desktop

If you want to take control of your Google Calendar and delete those "winning" events, you'll have to adjust your account settings.Here's how you do it:

1. Launch Google Calendar on your browser.

2. Tap the gear icon and select Settings.

3. From the menu on the left, click Event Settings.

4. Open the drop-down menu for Add invitation to my calendar.

5. Select "Only if sender is known".


This way, Google will only add events to your calendar if the sender is someone in your contact list, part of a company you work for, or you've interacted with before.

You'll still receive event invitations from unknown people, but you'll have to accept the invitation before Google can add it to your calendar.If you want more control over what Google adds to your calendar, select When I respond to the invitation in email.Google will only show invitations that you accept.

How to stop Google from adding events to your calendar on mobile

If you use Google Calendar to boost your productivity on your phone, here's how you can stop Google from automatically adding events:

1. Go to the Google Calendar app, tap the menu icon on the top left > tap Settings.

2. Go to Events from Gmail.

3. Turn off the toggle for "Show events from Gmail".



Don't miss your important Google Calendar events

Now that you've removed spam and useless events from your calendar, let's make sure you don't miss important events.

In Google Calendar, go to Notification Settings and set your notifications as alarms or desktop notifications, depending on your preference.


No more spam invitations on Google Calendar

Here's how to get Google Calendar to stop adding spam and scammer invitations.When spam stops harassing you, Google Calendar can bring more positive changes to your work and life.

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